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TOPIC: condition deteriorated

condition deteriorated 9 years 4 months ago #13757

This is my first message here, i get low rate dla mobility and care, on my last form it was just my long term depression, had to fill in new ib form and put on the depression plus i had been diagnosed with fibro at beginning of year, cant remember when, and have B12 difficiency or aneamia or something, been for so many tests cant remember whats been diagnosed just that iv been given b12, thyroide, 3 anti depressents together, tramadol, paracetamol, quinine, can hardly move in mornings, knee keeps giving way, keep falling down stairs, stumbling, cant remember tablets even though i get them in a dosset box, reminders on my phone dont help, i go to take them and forget and do something else, have to wake kids up at night when i get cramp in my legs to get me pain killers and heat up microwave pads and massage my leg, really bad if it happens to both legs at once, hate going out anyway, just stay in my room its safer, was wondering if it was time to tell dla and get them to look at my award but dont know what to ask them on phone, i hate talking to people, would i be able to get my daughter to phone them, if so what does she ask for. Got word back about ib form saying i passed but dont know what points i had or anything, can dla ask them for copy of that, just said it would be reviewed in 18 months, iv got appoint with gp on monday, pain, tingling numbness in my hands is getting worse, is there anything i need to ask her before filling in the form. I am planning on asking when the fibro was diagnosed and the name of the reumatologist I saw at the hospital that diagnosed it as I cant remember much, just that i was supposed to go to fibro pain management classes which i went to once had a panic attack and cant go back due to the depression and that I cant manage the 2 buses to get there and 2 back, does anyone think it is worth applying, cant even wash my own hair, got psoriasis as well and cant put the scalp lotion on either. Just feel like crawling into a corner and giving up but cant kneel my knees are too sore:(

Re:condition deteriorated 9 years 4 months ago #13760

Without access to your case notes it's impossible to give personal advice and as such you should consult a qualified Welfare Rights Officer at your local council or the CAB who can look at your case and advise accordingly. However if you look at pages 5 & 6 of the guide 'Changes of circumstances for people claiming DLA' in the members section you will find a lot of useful and helpful information.

Re:condition deteriorated 9 years 4 months ago #13763

  • lavenderlady
Hi:) :)

You sound exhausted and war weary :( and I'm sorry your feeling so rotten.

As they say in military terms it's time to regroup and make a plan if your going to apply for a DLA increase.

Firstly, get an A4 pad and make a list of all the changes that have occurred since your last DLA claim.

Work from the top of your head to the tips of yours toes and write down what has changed for the worse.

By doing this, it will enable you to focus and see in black and white all that has changed. You will find as you do this, that over the next few days, weeks that other things will occur to you. Add it to the list.

Familiarize yourself with the info on this website. I know you feel very weak and poorly and this is the very very last thing you feel like doing, but it is to your advantage that you do it.

Read and reread the information slowly.
Don't rush.
Read a bit each day and take notes of anything that strikes you as being 'just me'.
It might take you a week or two for the information to click, but don't worry about that, there is no rush. Just take your time reading and re-reading.

Ask family and friends what things they have noticed about you that have worsened. Make a note of it. Invariably, other people notice things that we ourselves don't notice.

You say you fall and stumble, Why is this? Is it the medication your on or another undiognosed problem that needs the doctors attention.

I personally would get the GP to sort out your hand problems before mentioning the DLA. You don't want him or her to think you are making something up in order to get a dla increase. I would mention the DLA application on another occassion when you have actually completed the form.

You also need to consider whether it is appropriate for you to ask all contacts, ie counsellors, specialists, physio, etc.. etc.. for a letter indicating your decline in health and explaining why it has declined etc...

I think if you can get your head together with making lists of your worsening condition and your increased mobility and care needs you will get more out of any CAB visit. It's important to go prepared. The more preparation you have done the easier it is for them to help you. You need to be very clear in your own mind what all your worsening symptoms are, how they affect you, why you need more help, what the help is you need and why.

These are constructive steps that once you start doing them will help you to start feeling a bit more upbeat. At the moment your stuck in a hole, but once you struggle up and start looking, planning and scheming to get out of it you'll start to feel not so helpless. Also from my own experience it is quite satisfying when you start to tackle something.

You say you say you spend a lot of time in your bedroom. I do understand why but do try and get some fresh air each day. it will invigorate you and when you see the trees and smell the air you'll realize that life isn't so bad after all. It's amazing how much brighter one can feel after being out in the fresh air for a few minutes. Why not make a coffee and sit outside for 20 mins. You will notice a difference I promise you.

Hope you will be feeling stronger soon.

Best Wishes


Re:condition deteriorated 9 years 4 months ago #13764

Hi, Thanks for replying, the doctor knows about my hands, i have had tremors in them for years and have had the numbness and pins and needles for months probably more, which the doc knows about,my memory is really really bad, one of the reasons I think i was sent to ruematologist was because of my hands, legs, arms etc, It is only recently when I try to grip something pain shoots down my hand which i didnt have before, I will maybe just ask her for the dates of diagnosis, who I saw at the hospital and what tests I had, to put in the form and inform her that I am having trouble with everyday things which my daughter helps me with Not sure if its the pain from the fibro, that I dont lift my feet enough or all the medication and painkillers that I just cant concentrate on what I am doing or that I forget 2 eat which makes me dizzy and lightheaded. I am going to start making a list today and adding on to it each time I notice something and will ask my daughters if they have noticed anything. There was nothing at all physical on my last DLA form it was for mental health reasons as I have had severe depression for years,cant remember how long and wont go out unless I really have to and someone is with me, forget when I put cooker on, run bath,eat,etc . The physical symptoms have always been on my IB forms, dont know why I never put them on the DLA form, could have been because I didnt have a diagnosis for symptoms at the time and my mental health worker was helping me fill it in on mental health grounds, cant remember as usual. Thanks for your advice

Re:condition deteriorated 9 years 4 months ago #13766

Thanks I will look, My case notes for DLA are all on mental health grounds, have had severe depression long term and my mental health worker helped fill in original DLA form years ago and the renewals, I never mentioned any physical symptoms in it although they have always been on my IB forms, didn't have a definate diagnosis of anything physical until beginning of this year after I had filled in a renewal form for DLA, I have bad memory problems, get confused easily, just wondered what to ask for when I phone, is it a new DLA form, or what, and can someone phone them for me as I dont like talking to people and get easily confused.

Re:condition deteriorated 9 years 4 months ago #13774

  • lavenderlady

I think it would be a good idea to get yourself down to a Citizens Advice Bureau so they can make phone calls for you etc...
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