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TOPIC: Should I pay for Medical Records?

Should I pay for Medical Records? 9 years 1 month ago #17281

Hi all, and many thanks for all the advice I've had so far.

I tried to contact my Neurologist, but he has left the hospital where I saw him, so I enquired about getting my medical records for evidence to use in my appeal.

However, there is a £20 charge, which I really cant afford as we're living off IB atm.

I've written to my GP for my records there, so would I be better to wait and just pay for these records in the hope that letters from my neurologist will be there?

I moved 300 miles a year ago and worry that only the last years history will be on file.
I'll pay if it's really necessary, but we are really struggling for money, and I'm starting to panic about the whole thing!
Many thanks

Re:Should I pay for Medical Records? 9 years 1 month ago #17289

  • pata1
Hi Sharon,

The statutory administration fee to access your records under the Data Protection Act 1998, is £10, plus around 10p per page for a copy of any letter you ask for.

The normal practice is that when you're seen by a Consultant in an out-patients clinic, they will send a letter to your GP outlining what happened at the consultation, and include details of your diagnosis, treatment etc.

If you contact the Practice Manager at your GP's surgery and ask for copy letters sent from your Neurologist to your GP, most will provide them for free, or just a small fee for photocopying, without making a formal request to access all your records.

Having moved quite a few times due to my husband's work, I can assure you that your GP records from your old GP are sent to your new GP within 1-4 weeks.

Regretfully, when you move your hospital records are not transferred, they remain at the hospital in the area you moved from, unless the new address is in the same catchment area as your old address.

Hope this helps.


Re:Should I pay for Medical Records? 9 years 1 month ago #17296

Pat you are an absolute star!

I guess the £20 fee is to send me a copy of everything they have, as I have moved 300 miles away.

I reckon my GP will have everything I want on their records, so I'll get it from them. £20 might seem like nothing, but to us, at the moment, it's an awful lot.

I would never be able to get this appeal together without this site, so a huge thankyou once again!

Re:Should I pay for Medical Records? 9 years 1 month ago #17324

Hi sharonoid, I would do what pat said and see your GPs manager. Iv just got some copies of hospital notes it cost me £25,(£5 was postage) But it also took 44days for me to receive them (suppossed to be 40 working days), So if you need them quickly see your GP. best wishes

Re:Should I pay for Medical Records? 9 years 1 month ago #17352

The Information Commissioner's website doesn't mention any cost per page.


http://www.bma.org.uk/ethics/health_records/AccessHealthRecords.jsp (section 4.6)

I sometimes read about some provision to get a copy of your health records for free if they have been changed in the last 40 days. However I've never come across a proper explanation of how this is supposed to work, so it may be nothing more than an urban myth
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