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TOPIC: problems with government gateway.

problems with government gateway. 9 years 3 weeks ago #17868

Hi, I have an issue with government gateway. i use a screen reader and had troubles with the check boxxes on the govt gateway, though didn't notice i'd screwed up on one question until i'd got the thing to open up in accessible pdf. i found i'd made the following mistake. Do you have a long term disability or health condition which substantially affects your normal day to day activity.
Speech hearing or eyesight
Health Condition
Recurring condition
Does this affect the work you can do?
Does your health condition affect your ability to work?
to the question, Does this affect the work you can do? I should have answered yes. now i am awaiting a phone call from the DWP to continue my claim, can i amend this mistake, for i am totally blind, and yes of course, the type of work i can do is limited due to my sight. is this an offence that will get my claim thrown out or worse? or will they amend my claim pack when they call me tomorrowto verify everything that is correct? thanks.

Re:problems with government gateway. 9 years 3 weeks ago #17876

Hi Martin,

I certainly wouldn't worry about your innocent error getting yoiur claim thrown out or worse - if anything you've under-declared the extent of your difficulties which is hardly going to be an effective ploy for anyone hoping to make a false claim.

I'm sure that all you need to do is explain what happened and ask for your answer to be ammended. I certainly don't think you should worry about it.

Good luck,


Re:problems with government gateway. 9 years 3 weeks ago #17880

thanks steve, i have never defrauded anyone in my life, and am new to claiming income related benefits, though am still in dispute with them over DLA middle rate, for which i am getting help from action for blind people. it's all in the attention you need, you know. *smile* indeed, going off topic a little, it wasn't until i really wrote it down, that i realised how much attention a blind person needs in one day, even the most independant blind person needs loads of so called, attention in one day, from cash point access to help with writing forms etc. thanks again steve. now it is time to wait for the phone call, or for the paperwork, whichever comes first.

Re:problems with government gateway 9 years 2 weeks ago #18079

HI, i claimed a benefit through the government gateway. i got a call, and the operator went through questions with me. when i got the statement, i found questions that had been noted as unanswered, and i had information that had to go in those sections. now why on earth weren't the qeustions asked over the phone? i thought these people went through the whole form with you? this means i will have to go to the job centre to get someone to help me fill out the form properly, as the form was not filled out as well as it could be over the govt gate way phone call. i have been having the weekend from hell getting all this together, and am about up to here with it. scanning and checking information takes so long when you use specialist technology. i just hope the person i meet next week is understanding of my needs and does not blame me personally for omitions on the form. if i am asked the question, i'll answer it, i had all the info in front of me on the pc. i've already clmplained once, i will do it again if my access needs are not met. i'll let you know how it goes.

Re:problems with government gateway. 9 years 2 weeks ago #18088

hi steve, now here's the funny thing. i got the phone call from the person who deals with filling in applications re government gateway, and i know from reading waht i could of the pdf, that questions about accounts held are going to be asked, and guess waht? no questions about my account were asked. i asked if i should supply bank statements, but was told no. then, when i read the statement that came to me, i found the questions dealing with bank accounts etc were listed as unanswered. um, they weren't even asked. i know i can get this rectified when i go to JCP to get the help i need in filling out the form, but surely these people should ask all qeustions on the form? how do i proof that i didn't deliberately omit my bank accounts? i will take them along to the JCP to get this trouble rectified, but it seems to me another person has screwed up. my first claim for beneifits was stopped by me as i had a problem with the way the info had been taken, and it looks like this is happening again. basically, i am blind, and i asked for the info to be read over from a call to the contact centre, and was refused. so i claimed using govt gateway, and this govt gateway person seems to have messed up too. i am very anxious about my meeting with the JCP to fill out this form, it feels like i'm getting the enemy camp to help me fill the forms.
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