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TOPIC: Pip assessors report received today

Pip assessors report received today 8 months 1 day ago #216691

Hi Orangeblossom,

The whole report is bizarre. And I mean bizarre.

Out of all the assessment reports I've had over the years both for ESA and PIP, this takes the biscuit. The report itself is quite accurate, really.

But when she gets to the end she totally contradicts what she has reported on the scoring section and says I am able to do whatever on the majority of days in her opinion.

Zero points.

The whole interview was recorded, so I can't work out why she did this.

The only part of them process which wasn't recorded, was when I was called into the interview.

Thisv asn't contradiction, it was blatant lying. Read back to my first post if you have't already: this is what happened, honestly.

I don't give up. Even though this has cauesd me so much grief, but, no, I won't let a person in a responsible position tell lies and contradict to cheat people like us without a fight.

Watch this space.

Pip assessors report received today 8 months 15 hours ago #216706

I've just had exactly the same! They did similar to me at a paper based review a couple of years back. Just make this vague comment which is exactly the same for each descriptor saying something vague which is along the lines of defending themselves and that I seem OK!- but no real evidence etc, a couple of points given and on them a brief reference to evidence and that I seemed a bit worse! but again no link to descriptor in question!

It's horrible when this happens, it stressed me out so much last time- but I appealed and it just went to a paper appeal as I was far to upset and stressed to go after that, and I got my full enhanced award back!

Now, that's happened again and i noticed the assessor only used the previous paper one they overturned as evidence, not the appeals notice or successful first decision. So for PIP now have had

First assessment at home- enhanced rate granted
Second paper review- Taken off
First appeal, paper- Enhanced rate back
Second review- at home- taken off

So looks like will be back to appeals again.


Don't give up- you can send it to Appeals and they will see the madness!

I found MR didn't help, they just defend their nonsense report, so this time not bothering with that
much but maybe different for you. I dread to think the size of the appeals bundle after all this as they send it from the start- Oh well!

Pip assessors report received today 8 months 15 hours ago #216707

PS I think it is good you had the award already and it will help if it comes to appeal. Do they not read the previous stuff. It will just look ridiculous when the previous supportive info comes to light.

Also just a thoughts could you get your carer to write and say what happened also in terms of the walking etc to back you up, you can sent it in or even to Appeals if it gets to that stage. Kind thoughts.

Pip assessors report received today 8 months 12 hours ago #216727

Thanks, Orangeblossom.

I really appreciate your advice and support.

As for now I really don't think I can do anymore until I get the decision letter which is well overdue - it's 9 weeks tomorrow since my assessment so I really don't know what is going on.

Will keep you posted as soon as I know anything.

Pip assessors report received today 8 months 1 hour ago #216742

Yes, waiting for mine as well. they say it should be September, had the assessment end of July.

Pip assessors report received today 7 months 4 weeks ago #216752

I would just like to add that I have had my report back with the most glaring of contradictions and unfinished sentences from a guy who was refusing for me to record the assessment, even though I had been in touch with Captia weeks before and arranged for a recorded assessment.

I got awarded 2 years last year, which ends in April 2019 - this joker has said I need a review in 9 months which takes me to May 2019 - so a whole month extra - wooo!
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