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TOPIC: Pip assessors report received today

Pip assessors report received today 6 months 4 weeks ago #218204

I phoned the PIP helpine this afternoon to check and make sure whether my MR 'pack' had been uploaded to their system.

The good news is that it has, I read off all the information that I'd sent and how many pages on each. It's all there.

So now I'm calling this day 1 as it can't have been on the sytem long as it was only signed for on Monday at the mail handling place.

I don't suppose I will hear anything for at least until around the end of October.
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Pip assessors report received today 6 months 3 weeks ago #218532

Have just had a letter from my MP about my complaint about my PIP 'assessment' back in June.

Attached to it is the response from the DWP 'Complaints Resolution Manager', there is a name and a direct telephone number, but obviously I won't disclose either.

It just says that: 'all claims are decided by trained decision makers who are required to make decisions fairly and impartially based on the application of the law to the facts of the individual case,'

That's fair enough, but what about wrongly written reports? They have no way of knowing if the reports are accurate or not. In other words: it's the claimants word against the assessor in 'inaccurate' (I am being polite here) reports.

The letter goes on to say that my reconsideration has been registered and further evidence has been received and will be reviewed during the process.

That's about it, at least it has been noted.

Pip assessors report received today 6 months 3 weeks ago #218534

  • Gordon
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Did you complain to the DWP about the report? If you did then I'm afraid this was always the response you were going to get, their view is always that the report is correct until they are told that it is not.


Pip assessors report received today 6 months 3 weeks ago #218537

Hi Gordon,

Yes, I did complain about the report more or less as soon as I got it. That was back in June. I complained to both the DWP and to ATOS.

I realise now that it was probably the wrong way to go about it, now I understand the way things work a bit better.

I was venting my anger, and if anyone else reads this: believe me it won't get you anywhere in the appeal process. Stick to the facts.

Since then I've read the guides and anything else I could to put forward a MR in a more sort of structured way highlighting tbe weaknessess of the report and emphasing my arguments against it and why I should have scored points.

I hope this sounds more like the more sensible way to get ny point across.

Anyway we shall see.

Pip assessors report received today 6 months 3 weeks ago #218545

Hi Phrank
I send my mandatory reconn to DWP prior to even seeing assessors report. I had a lot of issues with the case managers dealing. When I finally received my assessors report, I complained to Capita about this and I now have a stage 2 complaint with them. I know that the DWP have sent my case back to Capita now for them to look at it again. I have already told Capita that if I am still not satisfied because assessors word against mine is just not good enough, I will be forwarding my case to the Independent Case Examiner regarding their dealings with my claim. I will pursue my PIP claim if my mandatory recon fails at an Oral Tribunal.

Pip assessors report received today 6 months 3 weeks ago #218547

Same here, really. I have put in a formal complaint to IAS. They
have asked me to put it in writing.

As there is no time scale attached to this, rightly or wrongly, I am holding on until I get my MR decision notice before proceeding.

I just feel my case against IAS could have more impact if I get a favourable decision at MR.

It's a bit of a gamble, but what have I to lose really?
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