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TOPIC: DLA transfer to PIP

DLA transfer to PIP 6 months 1 week ago #219051

I just realised something - why she kept telling me I wasn't answering the question when I was. She's written in her report that I 'declined to answer'. So for example, preparing food. I said the same as I had written in my form, how it varies depending on how I am etc etc. The first few sentences, she's written what I said I can do, eg can make cereal, can use stove.

Then she writes "she declined to tell the HP how often she could cook, she did not really know why she could not cook, she did not understand what the HP meant by cooking, she would not clarify what she could cook even though the HP asked what and how she cooked."

What?! I wrote at length about food in my form!! So what she's done here is, when I started answering and she interrupted telling me I wasn't answering the question, so I tried again, and she interrupted again, which made me confused and extremely anxious, I wanted to give the right information, so I asked, but she was being obstructive, stopping me from finishing what I was saying. She has used it against me, and she has made it look like I was being evasive.

Blimey!!! This is special. I know what to expect for ESA in a couple of weeks now. Wow.

Also in this form, she says I can speak in full sentences. That's a laugh. She kept interrupting, how does she know?!

Also, the only thing I wrote down was her name. She put in her report I was taking notes.

Right, I'm going to stop looking at this. I saw in the guides how to respond if I need to.
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DLA transfer to PIP 6 months 1 week ago #219061

RedRed wrote: I am using Firefox. How do I report it to Sys Admin?

Contact tech@benefitsandworks.co.uk

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DLA transfer to PIP 6 months 1 week ago #219094

RedRed wrote: The ATOS report arrived over the weekend. I haven't slept well so I can't read it properly yet. It doesn't look like forms I've seen in the past, so I can't figure it out yet. Glancing through, I see lies, twisted information, and fabrication. But that's what they do so it's no surprise.

It's not clear what points I have been awarded, but near the end, it says "it would be appropriate to review the claim in 2 years".

Justification for review period choice:
"The claimant has no restrictions however she has mental health conditions and fibromyalgia which could fluctuate. Therefore a review of 2 years is required."

What does that mean?

I am thinking that they have not scored you for any physical problems ("The claimant has no restrictions"), but they may have done so due to your mental health problems. They consider your problems to be variable over time, so if an award is made then they are recommending a review after two years.

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DLA transfer to PIP 6 months 1 week ago #219099

Right, thanks. My DLA was high rate mobility, low rate care. It was always that from the beginning in the early 2000s.

So what happens next? The DWP make their decision based on this? Or ...?

I am not getting my hopes up I passed, but I am encouraged slightly.

DLA transfer to PIP 6 months 1 week ago #219103


Yes, you will have to wait for the DWP Decision letter to see whether they have followed the assessor's recommendation on gone with their own review of the evidence.

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DLA transfer to PIP 6 months 1 week ago #219106

Ahhh right, ok, we're still in the woods. And I know what to expect next week for the ESA ATOS.

It's difficult to have presence of mind when you're terrified and they're doing everything to throw you off course. There was a question about health appointments, I said I didn't have any, other than dentist. Then later, I said I started therapy recently and she reminded me I just said I didn't have any health appointments. a) I forgot, b) I didn't think of therapy as a health appointment. So that's my ignorance and also not thinking clearly. Also, memory problems. When she said it, I just stared at her like an idiot! :S Like, doh!
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