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TOPIC: Dodgy PIP assessment

Dodgy PIP assessment 7 months 2 days ago #218076


I think you have asked the wrong question :)

This is your second reassessment so your original PIP2 and the evidence attached and the last AR1 and anything attached to it should have been documents used in the making of this Decision and therefore should be part of the DWP's submission.

If they are not then you should be asking as part or your submission, how the DWP can make a proper Decision on your claim without access to key documents describing how you are affected by your conditions.

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Dodgy PIP assessment 7 months 2 days ago #218105

Thanks, very helpful. That is very much what has happened Gordon, so husband and I can look at this in the submission.

It's all very inconsistent - I have so far

2014 report home visit, (enhanced)
2016 paper report (7 points so award) - Appeal 12 points in different areas!
2018 home visit (4 points no award)

ESA support group report (2017) which uses PIP Appeal decision as evidence- SG for reasons in PIP decision

But I don;t have the reasoning of the PIP appeal so struggling a bit with the points they have given me. And the new assessment thinks they don't apply.

I expect this situation may happen to others if more people go through appeals etc. Although hopefully their reports will be more consistent than mine.

I suppose it may be better for the appeal though for me as it is so inconsistent! and will be plenty to mention.:S

Dodgy PIP assessment 6 months 3 weeks ago #218516

Still no decision yet on the PIP review.

I'm confused about something. They seem to be saying that I don;t need as much support since discharged from the CMHT, but that is due to family support. Is this a grounds for change of circumstances? They have given points for Budgeting and Socialising however, referring to evidence form the GP..but not the other areas. Thanks.

Dodgy PIP assessment 6 months 3 weeks ago #218527


The DWP always assume that treatment is successful, they have no concept of claimants being discharged because the NHS cannot help them further or that they have simply come to the end of the available treatment.

I can't really comment about their scoring, perhaps they do not think that the evidence is relevant to the other activities, perhaps they simply ignored it. Remember, you need to go back to basics and show that you meet the criteria and then explain why the DM and assessors view is incorrect.

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Dodgy PIP assessment 6 months 1 week ago #219224

Still no reply from DWP about the review, F2F was in July.

I'm worried about something, the new medical report (with errors) says zero for tasks- e.g. preparing food, whereas ESA has out me in SG based on 15 points for task completion. Does this mean they could take away my ESA? Also, previous PIP appeal gave 4 points for this.

I'm confused, especially as last PIP appeal was on papers, and didn't specifically ask for or mention this...wonder if is about MH and risk. I'm hoping they don;t take away ESA as well, now.

Dodgy PIP assessment 6 months 1 week ago #219226


Other members are reporting a 12-week wait for a Decision.

They can't just take away your ESA, they would have to reassess your claim first but we haven't seen this happen as the criteria for the two benefits is considered to be too different.

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