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TOPIC: ESA medical - home visit - wheelchair

ESA medical - home visit - wheelchair 7 years 2 months ago #27387

  • tilly
Hi all

Has anyone had a home visit - what was it like?

I am stunned about my medical appointment, as had made my appointment for my next medical at a centre, telling them I may well be in a wheelchair that day, on best days am likely to be on my crutches - they booked appointment. It was only when I checked that my husbadn will be able to park very nearby for me and wheelchair that they realised the centre they had booked me in has no wheelchair access!!! The alternatives they offered are way too far .. so now waiting for a call about a home visit.

My advice is - if you have any mobility problems don't just keep telling them about it, ask the specific question about accessiblity of the centre for those on crutches/wheelchairs etc.... as I would have had a disaster on the day. At home I have to manage on my crutches or stay in bed all day on bad days, as my house is not wheelchair enabled.

Love to all


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Re:ESA medical - home visit - wheelchair 7 years 2 months ago #27392

  • Bad Back Bill
Hi Tilly,
I am in a very similar situation to yourself awaiting a E.S.A home medical due to mobility problems because of a lack of access at the local E.S.A assessment centre.
The only information they have given me is that I will be informed of further details( date, etc ) by post so awaiting letter.
If anyone else can give an approximate time scale on this I would also appreciate it.

Best Wishes


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Re:ESA medical - home visit - wheelchair 7 years 1 month ago #27700

Hi Bill and Tilly

I am due an at home ESA medical next week so can't yet comment on what it's like (love to know myself if anyone has any experience!), but re timescale: it seems there are a limited number of doctors doing the visits and you have to wait for one to be in your area (so I was told by Atos).

My initial appointment came through within about a couple of weeks of them agreeing to come out to me, but I had to ask them to reschedule it (they'd ignored the info about dates on my form). It has taken two months and a prompt letter to Atos from a benefits officer helping me with the claim to get a new date.

So, I think it's probably very variable depending on the number of and workload of visiting drs where you are.

Rather unhelpfully, Atos give the time of the doctor's visit as between 9 and 5 and say the dr will contact you with an appointment (still waiting for that). They say it is not possible to contact the dr to change the appt time. Very unreasonable as I am just not able to be up and available before about half eleven at best. So fingers crossed he puts me in the afternoon! (nb, late getting up is not because I go to bed late - today is a major exception because I am getting worried about the medical and looking on here for info :( )

Good luck with your visits when they happen!


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Re:ESA medical - home visit - wheelchair 7 years 1 month ago #27703

  • John
I had a home medical earlier this year.

I waited ages for my initial appointment at the local DWP centre, I arrived and that day was ina wheelchair, no close by parking which is a pain. Once I arrived I was told that I could not be seen as people in wheelchairs could not use the lift....great!!! So they would make a home visit....I had asked for a home visit originally but they said NO...

I had to chase them up a few times by phone and got my appointment about 5 or 6 weeks later I think.

Didn't argue over the date when the dr phoned me even though it was a saturday which i thought strange. He ended up arriving just after 5pm sat evening and had someone waiting in the car for him. He was with me 25 mins max and actually hardly asked much at all but went through most of the info I had given on the form.

I was in bed and he came to my room, didn't ask me to do anything, no walking, standing, sitting, bending etc etc no examination nothing...but then says on his report i can walk 200 metres, bend, stand etc etc just a load of tosh really....now awaiting appeal.

He was friendly enough i suppose but he just could not wait to get out of the house and that was very noticeable....

Awaiting appeal now, due in 2011 i am told but.

Good luck

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Re:ESA medical - home visit - wheelchair 7 years 1 month ago #27735

  • Bad Back Bill
Hi John,
Your posting really made me feel sick a prime example of the A.T.O.S we don't care attitude.
I hope You win the appeal ( which you should not have to go through if the assessor did his job correctly) and if You do put in an official complaint.
I do not usually agree with any one losing their job but Your assessor does not seem worthy of employment.
Good Luck with it all.

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Re:ESA medical - home visit - wheelchair 7 years 1 month ago #27884

  • tilly

I have been chasing this supposed home visit and the promised call, only to get a confirmation letter of attending the centre nearby which is not wheelchair accessible... I called again (and sent a recorded delivery letter to ATOS)...
now I am being told that I have to travel to central London to a wheelchair accessible centre (whioh on the travel thing shows as will take about 85 mins..... on a good day I think it would take that long and by car) and if I refuse, I have been offered alternates.

I explained that I cannot use public transport as I must have a WC always available, as I cannot predict when needed and must use every 10-20 on a good day...... also I am in a wheelchair some of the time - best days crutches... the underground has stairs etc..... cannot use taxis as I need a WC available....

I asked could I have alternates which are not into central London, but mean my husbadn can drive me (he has nevr and would never drive into London)... they said they are too far (not meeting their 90 minute travel rule) and will not be offered to me. I am in a catch 22.

The Atos person said get a letter from your GP, but that they can request a home visit, but Atos can decline this and insist that I get to a wheelchair acessible centre........

I cannot stop crying. I have been in agony all week and feel like this is just something which is wearing me down on top of the pain.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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