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TOPIC: cica/ effects on all benefits if i get any payout?

cica/ effects on all benefits if i get any payout? 6 years 1 month ago #53237

  • realfaithuk
i very worried now, as, for 8yrs while effects of a horror crime, means effecting my daily life in which had a lawyer, tricked int ono win no fee, saying my benefits wil be protected, if nay payout, after they take 30% cut, in way of a truts, and my grandkids will benefit from it and my son a trustie, at same time i still very ill an to ill to work so medical reports state, so cica guildlines, says, pushing ahead with paper hearing only next week, when i been asking for time extention on medical grounds and trying to make sure lawyer acted on these instuctions, well she not, and wondered under dda act how to make a cica appeal case handler act aslo on this request, in wrtting in time , as todate my complaint of them not even been acted upon, and fair to ill and concerned i loose all cuernt dla and housing benfits and help for my payment for carers and income support on ,which i very confussed, what to do, i do not belive i sould be told i have to leave of any cica ,whats left payout, and still i would of thought intitiled to still currernt benfits, wonder if nayone knew how to protect cica , and or how to get hte appeal hearing stopped for at lest a yr till my operations and i try to recover and then try to find someone to help spport me at cica appeal heaing then, in person, other wise to, i risk now, losing loss, of abity to earn , rest of life, due to medical reports lawyer had a expert doctor asess me in 07 06 and no better, but letters to and forth, asking for reasonable adjustments on speical health grounds and case and i be placed at huge disaventage if cica case heard with out me present and only on paper and no longer thier to help me, any help/ support/adivce will be urgently wellcome, thanks

Re:cica/ effects on all benefits if i get any payout? 6 years 1 month ago #53330

Just did a 'google' and now understand that CICA means The CICA, short for Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, is a government organisation that was created to compensate the blameless victims of violent crime. People who have been physically or mentally injured can apply to the CICA for compensation ranging from £1,000 to £500,000.

Perhaps someone can help?

Re:cica/ effects on all benefits if i get any payout? 6 years 1 month ago #53332

If you get compensation for injury, the DWP can recover certain benefits payments from it, but once it has done so, if you put the remaining money in trust, it will not count towards your capital for the purposes of means-tested benefits.

Re:cica/ effects on all benefits if i get any payout? 6 years 1 month ago #53333

Re:cica/ effects on all benefits if i get any payout? 6 years 1 month ago #53389

  • realfaithuk
thanks for your replies,

which i wonder where, or is their a serivce to help,as complex ones case is, and does it mean under dpw /cur dpet of dwp. will under speical hardhsip

grounds , expect me to pay back all the disbabity benfits, since 02, 8 yrs, since the crime and now phiticaly not well at all on medical grounds to atend a cica appeal hearing, and tried the lawyer, to ask for tiem extention,

on these grounds of at least a yr too, so i have my operations and hopefully they work and not needing three carers a day,whhich i need at moment,
as concerned, if cica hear ,the case on paper only, the cica may reudce any payment, ,and the inpact of the seeve crime one still suffers from, with medical reports, staying lack future loss of abity to earn or work for life, but no disrepect to mem, for male appeal members, may not understand full extend of the inpact of this, crime, to me still, and hence while since 02 and more over the yrs i got worse and medical reports and mental health ie cpa care plan , reports, saying so also, but next wk, is the cica panal, to hear the case, with out addressing my letter to lawyer and drict to cica appeal department complaint, for not addressing reasonable adjustments , under dda act, to ajorn the hearing, because of the abouve, then one hope to find by then, a speicalist law film able to try to find someone to take over my cica case and help with protection of my disbitity entilterment? AS being disabled still entilted, will i still be able to keep my ebtiltemnt, if no what law or case dwp case law, or appeal, does it state vticm of crime is not allowed to keep thier diablebity payments etc,? from still a very worred and consed lady. any adivce of help will be of most grateful thank you , once again

Re:cica/ effects on all benefits if i get any payout? 6 years 1 month ago #53394


I think from the number of replies that this is a subject we are struggling to help you with.

A quick Google search shows lots of solicitors touting for business and not a lot else, however, I have I did find Victims Support which is a UK charity.

They appear to offer advice and may be able to point you in the right direction with regard to you problems. The web site is


Hope this helps.

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