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Searched for: WFI
20 Jan 2020 18:57
  • libra1
  • libra1
's Avatar
Hello again Gordon,

I just received my customer statement following my telephone claim for ESA (IR). I have to provide further evidence of my self-employment as well as bank statements, which I was expecting.

However, an accompanying leaflet mentions having to attend a work focused interview? Health and work conversation? What is this? It seems from the leaflet that it happens before even having a medical. Does it happen before the ESA50 is even sent and returned? This must be something new. I don't understand. I thought it was something that you only have to do if you are put in the WRAG after attending a medical and being put in main phase ESA. Is this WFI or WHC something you have to do during the ESA assessment phase? I don't think the leaflet makes it clear at all.

Thank you for any help.

24 Sep 2019 14:31
  • JLP
  • JLP's Avatar
Hi I’m back, it went ok. Just wanted to know how I was managing my medical conditions! Have you got five hours I said. Told him I was in the process of doing an MR. He said he would see me in 6 months panic over!
23 Sep 2019 09:29
  • BIS
  • BIS's Avatar

If you follow the link below it will give you details of what happens at a work focussed interview.


22 Sep 2019 21:18
  • JLP
  • JLP's Avatar
Hi guys, I was downgraded from the support group to the WRAG. I’m appealing it. I now have to go to a work focused interview. I’m really worried about it. What will they make me do does anyone know? And will I have to keep going back to the job centre? Many thanks
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