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8 years 4 months ago - 8 years 4 months ago #119535 by QWERTY

I appealed against being placed into WRAG, and have been sent a letter saying decision on my ESA claim looked at again and I have been placed into support group, won't be sent to independent tribunal etc. Thank you for guides and info on B and W site

Do I ask now for explanation of why this decision was changed and statement of reasons, or do I send in template letter for access to all evidence re this decision/claim? is template letter too formal re positive decision ie cause sit to be looked at again/

how do I find out how long the award is for?
will the award be the same length a WRAG decision, or different for new decision on same claim?

should I request copy of scores for ESA50 and SG criteria that I was accepted as having?

my original claim was old form pre-OCT2013, and also unsure if just should be thankful for this decision, but feel no clearer re why decision changed.

thanks again for website
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8 years 4 months ago #119540 by slugsta
Hi qwerty,

Thanks for letting us know that the reconsoderation went in your favour and for your kind words about B+W :)

It is not a case that you 'should' request the documents that you mention, but certainly many people find it useful to do so. Whether or not you had a face2face assessment for this decision, you should find this FAQ helpful. You can submit a formal 'subject access request' if you wish, this should not have any affect on your current award.

ESA medical – what forms to ask for?

Subject Access Request

To find out the expected length of the award (bearing in mind that all ESA awards are technically indefinite and any assessment date is only advisory) you can phone DWP and ask for the 'prognosis' if you wish, but this information should be somewhere in the documents if you decide to request these.

How often will I be reviewed

Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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8 years 4 months ago #119547 by Mags
I was moved to the sg from wrag at reconsideration but they left it a two years

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