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PIP success 7 years 8 months ago #121438

Much to my surprise my PIP claim has been approved and I will get the Enhanced Daily Living Component and the standard Mobility Component. All backdated to last September and set for 3 years, til 2017. Mind you they don't seem to have much faith in their system as they said I'll be contacted in 2016 to see if I'm on the right level of benefits.

I am delighted and still surprised after a gruelling 2nd face to face assessment. The data from the first was lost by Atos. I was bullied into saying I do things that I don't and was expecting to have my claim refuted. I would then have complained about the assessment. Now though, even with the mis-representation of how much I can do, I am loathe to rock the boat. I'm getting the higher rate for the Daily Living Component anyway, so it would only be the mobility element that could be challenged. As I have M.E. (plus a few other things), my problems are mostly invisible. So, though I'm not totally in agreement with the findings but don't feel there is much point in disputing any of it, as I feel very lucky to have had it awarded. In fact I keep expecting to be told they've made a mistake.

The help I received from this site was invaluable and I don't think I would have been successful without it.

The process has been very long. My claim was started, as I inferred, in September last year. The first Atos assessment took place in January and I didn't find out about the lost data, and subsequent lack of a report, until I phoned ATOS in March. I had phoned the DWP first and spoke to a rather unhelpful lady who just kept saying they hadn't got the report from Atos so nothing more could happen, I expressed my surprise as the assessor had intimated the report would be completed and sent off at the end of the week, of my assessment. Eventually she said, in a very off-handed manner, that I could try phoning Atos, to ask when the report would be ready. Fortunately I decided to be brave and phone Atos. To cut a long story short, or shorter, I was called back by an Atos manager who apologized profusely about the data being lost, due to system problems and said I would have to have another assessment, which couldn't be done til towards the end of April.

That second assessment was a dreadful experience. The assessor lectured me and bullied me and I felt like I'd been through the wringer by the end - it took well over 2 hours. I really had little hope of a good outcome. I've rarely been so pleased and relieved to be wrong.

The advice literature you have compiled was so helpful and I cannot thank you enough for the clarity and amount of detail it contains.

My problems are not as severe as for many, nor are they life threatening. I hope those people will succeed and despite the unpleasantness of the assessment, I would encourage others to claim and use the information you provide in the process.

Thank you again

Helen :)
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PIP success 7 years 8 months ago #121441


Many congratulations on the award and thank you for posting your experience on the forum I am sure it will encourage others to persevere.

Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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