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DLA Success - Thank you + A question? 7 years 7 months ago #122180

I received in January renewal forms for my DLA, which delighted me as I was expecting to have to fill out PIP forms. Bearing in mind that every time I have applied in the past they have refused me and every time I have had to appeal, successfully, I wasn't giving them the chance to end my award early by refusing me so I left it until almost the last minute before submitting the forms for the end of June. I sent them in for 3rd June, and on Saturday I received a decision dated 10th June! Gosh that was fast.

I went from LRC and LRM to MRC and HRM! Thank you Ben and Work for your invaluable guides, which are a must for any kind of benefits form filling!

I do, however, have a question. In the past when my friend went from the low rates of care to MRC she also received an extra payment with her Incapacity Benefit which was income based.

I am in the ESA, Support Group, Income based, will I get any extra payment, and if so, do I need to claim it myself, or do they contact me directly? There was mention in my award of someone claiming Carer's Allowance or Carer's Credit for looking after me, with a link to where to get the forms from, but nothing about anything extra for me. I live alone and don't have anyone caring for me, or claiming care for me.

I feel greedy asking, but I would hate to miss out on something I might be entitled to because I didn't know I was supposed to put in a claim.

I have to say I keep going back and re-reading the award letter, convinced that someone else's name is going to appear in place of mine and it will all turn out to be a mistake and actually I have been refused!
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DLA Success - Thank you + A question? 7 years 7 months ago #122184


First of all, congratulations on the award, it must have been very detailed for them to make an award so quickly. :)

If you are receiving ESA(IR) and live alone and no one receives Carers Allowance for you, then you should also be entitled to the Severe Disability Premium (£61.10/week).

You should contact the DWP about the change in your DLA award and ask then to send the form for SDP, I think it is an IS10, payment should be backdated to the date of your new DLA award.

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