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ESA DLA and medicals?

7 years 10 months ago - 7 years 10 months ago #122923 by Sweetney
ESA DLA and medicals? was created by Sweetney
Hello I might be having a brain fart moment, please forgive me I have a brain injury so I struggle.
Recently I was reviewed by the DWP because my social worker asked for my benefits to be updated.
I was moved from incapacity to ESA a few months ago and then a few days ago my DLA award came through at high rate care and mobility.
How do I find out if I am getting ESA premiums?
How do I find the guide on having a medical?
Also do I need to let ESA know that my DLA has changed?

Kate x
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7 years 10 months ago - 7 years 10 months ago #122927 by bro58
Replied by bro58 on topic ESA DLA and medicals?
Hi, Welcome to Benefits and Work :)

If your forum name is also your real name, you may wish to change it to maintain some anonymity.

This can be done quite easily by following the instructions on this FAQ :

My full name is showing, how can I stop it?

Whether or not you are now entitled to payment of "Premiums" as a top-up to your ESA payments will depend on your personal circumstances, and whether you are entitled to Income Related (IR) ESA.

ESA Premiums are only paid as IR ESA.

You are entitled to : ESA Premiums as you are now in receipt of HR Care DLA, you may also have entitlement if you are in The Support Group (SG) of ESA.

However, having an entitlement does not necessarily mean that you will be paid the premiums.

It will depend on whether you can pass the "Means Test" regarding household income, any hours worked by a partner, (if you have one) capital, assets and savings with respect to IR ESA entitlement :

24 hour work rule for ESA(IR)

Asset rule for ESA(IR)

To be financially assessed by the DWP for payment of IR ESA (Premium) top-ups, you may need to request, fill in and return an ESA3 Financial Assessment Form.

You could also send copy of your DLA Award letter to the office dealing with your ESA. (the address on your most recent letter)

Sending Documents to the DWP or ATOS

If you are entitled to payment of IR ESA Premiums, these payments should be backdated to date of your Middle Rate Care/Higher Rate Care Component awards, and/or your ESA SG award. (whichever is applicable)

As it appears that you were previously in receipt of IB, if it was IB only with no Income Support (IS) top-ups, it would be Contribution Based (CB) that you would be paid on transferring to ESA.

What will I be transferred to?

Even if you are being paid CB ESA, this does not stop IR ESA top-ups being paid in addition, as explained above.

Once a claimant is placed into The SG of ESA, or is given The MR or HR Care component of DLA, the amount that the government states that you need to live on increases from that of a comparable healthy person. This is known as the minimum disability income guarantee.

So when you are means tested , if your total amount of household income, including any CB ESA payments fall below that amount, the shortfall will be made up in the form of IR ESA premiums.

I hope that clarifies it somewhat for you. :)

If you are currently in The WRAG of ESA in receipt of CB ESA only, there is a 365 days entitlement to payment rule.

However, there is no such rule if any part of your ESA is IR ESA, or you are a member of The SG :

12 Month Limit for ESA(CB)

I am not sure what it is that you wish to know regarding the "medical", so here are some links that may be helpful :

ESA Medical – What to expect

ESA medical – what forms to ask for?

DLA Medical – What forms to ask for?


DLA Medical Examination

The current rates for ESA and DLA can be found from the link below :

Benefit Rates 2014/15

If you have any further queries, please reply to this topic.

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