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Successful DLA Renewal

9 years 8 months ago - 9 years 8 months ago #123608 by Whiskers
Successful DLA Renewal was created by Whiskers
I cannot believe that my DLA Renewal went so smoothly. I had followed all the advice from the site and had typed out 13 A4 sheets of extra information, all my discharge notes from 7 stays in hospital ranging from 14 weeks to 1 week. Specialist report letters and everything I could think of. To think that I was told that cancer is not a disability and that I could not even get a Disabled Parking Badge at first or any more than whatever sickness benefit that was available in 2012.
Now after my treatment and the horrible side effects of that treatment I am getting ESA and DLA at the higher rate for mobility and middle rate for care and my wife is getting carers allowance for me as well.
I sent all my paperwork off to the DWP on the 7th July, missed part of what I should have sent, the 13 sheets of extra information detailing all my operations and subsequent side effects, sent that a couple of days later.
Today 30th July letter back from DWP stating that my claim is now for an indefinite period and that I have the same rates as before, Higher rate mobility and Middle rate care.
The DWP have not even contacted my GP or any of my specialists, I had sent copies of appointment letters with my claim to back my claim up.
So I would like to say a big thank you to Benefits and Work for their invaluable guides which I am sure helped me.
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9 years 8 months ago #123609 by slugsta
Replied by slugsta on topic Successful DLA Renewal
Hi 'Whiskers' and welcome to the forum.

it appears that your username might be your real name. If you wish to change your username, in order to maintain an element of anonymity, you can do so easily by following the advice in this FAQ :)

My full name is showing, how can I stop it?

I'm so glad that you were able to get the DLA award that you deserve, especially without having to undergo a face2face assessment. As you now have an indefinite award, you will not be 'invited' to claim PIP until 2015 at the earliest. Thanks for letting us know - and for your kind words about B+W.

Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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9 years 8 months ago #123628 by Whiskers
Replied by Whiskers on topic Successful DLA Renewal
Dear Mrs Hurtyback,
thanks for the quick reply. It was such a relief and a worry off my mind that it was sorted so quickly. My first claim was sorted out with the help of the Citizens Advice Bureau. It was originally refused and in the refusal letter it was said as I only had cancer the prognosis was that I would improve. This letter was shown to my Consultant Surgeon who was totally disgusted by it and said he would like to meet the surgeon who was so sure I would improve as he had told me that he would not know how bad my case was until he actually got inside. My condition at that time was stage 3.5 and declared borderline for surgery. Stage 4 is terminal and I was approaching that rapidly. I was very close to applying under the Special Rules. After my operation there were severe complications and I was in hospital for 14 weeks and a further 6 visits and more operations. I was in hospital a total of 7 months from March till the end of the year and lost over 35 Kg in weight. The letter that the CAB wrote to the DWP let them have it in no uncertain terms, both barrels and a hand grenade for good measure, combined with a report from my Consultant Surgeon and my DLA was awarded and back dated to when I started having troubles with the chemotherapy and was unable to walk. Originally I was told on applying for a Blue Badge that cancer was not a disability and that I might not get one. Well cancer might not be a disability but some of the cures for it bring on disabilities and serious side effects that are disabilities.
I would just like to say to anyone who reads this, keep on fighting, get help if you need it as most of the forms are bewildering. If your writing and English is not that good go to the CAB or other help centre and get help filling in the forms, these organisations are only there to help.
Whiskers :)
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