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PIP success

7 years 11 months ago - 7 years 11 months ago #124068 by lmjones
PIP success was created by lmjones
As promised on an earlier posting, I am now able to share my husbands PIP journey.

My husband was originally awarded DLA higher rate for both care and mobility for a 2 year period which was due to end June 2014. In February he received an invitation to claim PIP and so the phone call was made on 12th Feb. I was able to speak on my husbands behalf, and during the conversation I was asked whether he wanted his existing evidence , used for his DLA claim,to be used. I told them he did but that I would also be sending further evidence with his PIP claim. following this he received the form "how your disability affects you" which was dated 5th March and had to be returned by the 5th April. We didn't however receive this form until 19th March.

Although I had been told that his existing evidence would be used, I took no chances. As I was going to be filling in the form on his behalf, I submitted all of his previous medical reports again, any current medical evidence, and more importantly a letter from myself of how my husbands disabilities had affected him , physically, mentally and socially, and the impact this had had not only on his life, but my families life also. Any information, like my letter, that claimants can submit , is considered evidence. I cannot stress how important it is to write everything down on this claim form. Even if you think it is trivial or not important you must write it down.answer every question with as much detail as you can, exactly how things are, what things happen, how often ,everything you have experienced.

All of the information available on this site is crucial and invaluable so read it all , not just once, but several times, so that when you start putting pen to paper you have already planned and decided in your mind what it is you need to say. Remember, this is your chance to tell your story. I won't pretend it is easy, it is not, but keep at it.

We completed the forms and sent it recorded delivery.

The next stage was that we received a letter from Capita to say the case had been passed to them and they would be contacting us again in due course.

We didn't hear anything for a while , however we did receive a letter from DWP to say that as a decision about the PIP claim hadn't been reached yet, my husband would continue to receive his DLA benefit. During this time his blue badge and car tax came up for renewal.

On advice given I submitted a claim for his blue badge, and because we were still in receipt of DLA at that time, he was awarded his blue badge for a further 3 years. The car tax came up for renewal, and again I submitted his claim , and we were given the renewal.

On the 18 th June we received a letter from Capita which stated my husband was to have a f2f on 25 th June at 10.00 am. After reading a lot of posts where , assessors either hadn't arrived or had arrived early, we didn't really know what to expect. Nevertheless I suggested to my husband that we were ready from 0900 am as it looked like we were first on the list for the day and this person could come at any time! I had ready also every single document of evidence, a copy of all correspondence and all appointment letters , anything in fact that was relevant.
At 9.15 am the doorbell rang, and yes it was the assessor 45mins early!!

The assessor was very pleasant, apologised for being early, introduced herself and explained fully her experience, and what her role was and what she would be doing during the interview. She told us she had read all of the medical evidence we had submitted and had sent for evidence from our gp and consultant. She then said she had read my letter carefully, and found it very articulate.

She asked my husband about his medication, his daily activities, and discussed the difficulties he had with washing, cooking and generally looking after himself. She asked about his social life and whether or not he was able to go out alone etc. she asked how far he could walk and what help he needed. She asked about depression, and how he felt his life had been affected by his disabilities. She acknowledge he looked tired and was obviously in pain so she didn't examine him , or take his blood pressure, she did however check his pulse. She concluded after an hour and a half that she felt she had all of the information she needed. She told us she would be finalising her report that day and it would be sent back to the DWP that evening, she also said it would not be her decision whether PIP would be awarded or not.

During the whole process I could see my husband felt relaxed. She allowed me to speak when my husband was finding things difficult and we both felt it had been a positive experience.
A few days ago the brown envelope dropped through the letterbox, and I am very relieved and pleased to report that my husband has been awarded enhanced care and mobility for 3years.
I cannot explain how we both felt in fact we were quite dazed. I cannot believe it is all over for at least 3years.

The most important point I want to get across to people is this. Read all of the information availed from this site. If you are unsure about anything ask a question. You have a forum here with expert moderators , use them, ask them questions, if they don't know the answers they will find out. The site is worth every penny of your membership fee, and I , as before will keep up my membership, even though, we have been successful this time, I may need their help along the way again.

I am so grateful to you all for your wonderful informative site and cannot thank you enough for your help.

I'm sorry for the lengthy posting, but I am hoping it will give some help and encouragement to your other readers.
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7 years 11 months ago #124069 by Gordon
Replied by Gordon on topic PIP success

Thank you taking the time to post this, I am sure that it will of use to others going through the PIP process.


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