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PIP Mandatory Recon 7 years 4 months ago #124880

Good Afternoon

I have received a decision from DWP and have been awarded Higher Rate [Daily Living] and Lower Rate [Mobility].

Thank you to all at B&W for the quality and accuracy of all your advice and information.

But, I am making a Mand. Recon. request for Mobility and the issue relates to the old chestnut of needing prompting to do any journey or cannot do an unfamiliar one without another person.

I recall some reference to this area on your site but I cannot now find same. Can you help please?

Also, for the record and for future assessments, I plan to question some HCP descriptor choices for Daily Living, even though it will obviously not make any difference as I have already been awarded higher rate.

Is this a good idea or pointless?

Grraeful for any feedback on both questions.
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PIP Mandatory Recon 7 years 4 months ago #124885


Re the Daily Living component, I don't think there is a good answer to this.

First you need to consider how secure your existing award is, as the DM can extend any Reconsideration of the Mobility component to include Daily Living as well.

As you point out, scoring more points will not increase the award.

Whilst it is not impossible, it is none the less very unlikely that any documentation from this assessment will be reviewed in any future one.

Re the Mobility. There was a change to the DWP guidance (not the Descriptors) for Going Out about two months ago. If you have a look at the latest PIP guide there is an explanation of the change and our view on it.


Have a look at our PIP Appeal & MR guide for details of the process on the same link.

Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

PIP Mandatory Recon 7 years 4 months ago #124888

Augustus, I'm in the same boat - DWP supposed to ring me this week to discuss. I did speak to them on Monday but they said they were unable to contact the DM but would leave a message on the system. They said if nobody contacts me by Monday to ring them again and they would get the DM to call me !?! Errrrm thought she just said she couldn't do that ....... :S

PIP Mandatory Recon 7 years 4 months ago #124892

As I said on another thread I have also had issues with the going out with the prompting of another person. Interesting to hear I am not the only one.

I plan to send in a request for mandatory reconsideration tomorrow.
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