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TOPIC: Enhanced rate PIP SUCCESS!!! Woohoo!

Enhanced rate PIP SUCCESS!!! Woohoo! 2 years 3 months ago #129667

I had my renewal for PIP form delivered in December because of my my DLA claim ending in the middle of March. I knew that it was due and felt that awful feeling of dread that can only be caused by having to fill out the godawful 6 million page form that the DWP generally completely ignore in favour of giving you either a) absolutely nothing or b) something that is actually an insult compared to the difficulties you face on a daily basis.

I had little hope that I would get a decent result and was bracing myself to begin my new life being forced to be on Job seekers allowance and feared the worst!

This wasn't helped by the fact that I had a medical examination, fortunately at my house, as it turns out that they do actually read at least some parts of of the form you send them after all! The nurse who did my medical was absolutely lovely and worlds apart from the fascist doctor who had come to my home for 20 minutes a few years ago and then spewed a load of lies about me in his subsequent report.....

Anyway to cut a long story short, I had my PIP decision letter this morning and have been awarded the enhanced rate for both daily living and the mobility component (scoring 19 and 12 points respectively). I genuinely believe that my success with this claim was down to the fantastic information that you have on this site.I have been a member off and on for years as I have been re-claiming at various times, and will be recommending you to all my friends who are also facing renewal of their claims. I cannot thank you enough for the support and relief that has come with finding this site, I have no idea how I found it in the first place, probably searching frantically online for some sort of help with the mammoth DLA form in front of me all those years ago! Your advice has never steered me anywhere but to the right place. About 3 years ago when that so called 'doctor' from atos came, they stopped my DLA completely, from having been on the high rate for both mobility and care until he came to visit. I completely freaked out but consulted your website and appealed and won the whole amount back.

I am forever grateful for this site and the guides that you have available. Best £20 I ever spent joining this site! Please count me as one of your success stories!

Lucy x

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Enhanced rate PIP SUCCESS!!! Woohoo! 2 years 3 months ago #129676


Welcome to the forum !! :)

We are really pleased to hear that you found our guides so helpful in attaining Enhanced PIP DL & M Awards !! :cheer:

Congratulations, and many thanks for your kind words !! :)

If your forum name is also your real name, you may wish to change it to maintain some anonymity.

This can be done quite easily by following the instructions on this FAQ :

My full name is showing, how can I stop it?


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Enhanced rate PIP SUCCESS!!! Woohoo! 2 years 3 months ago #129678

Well done Lucy I hope this takes some of your stress away now. :)

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