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ESA (Support group) and DLA 6 years 9 months ago #132802

I am currently retired from work through ill health and currently registered disabled.

I have also successfully claimed both ESA (phone call after medical, Support group unfit to work) and DLA through this wonderful site. However, I am next year, applying for PIP and am very worried that since I applied for both of the above benefits (my illnesses stand the same) and ATOS have all my medical support letters, consultants reports for that time, I do not have any recent correspondence, only the older copies.

I have since been discharged by two consultants because "no cure" and basically just told to "learn to live with my fibromyalgia" (on medication but discharged), chronic sleep apnoea (yearly visits but discharged), breast cancer (in remission) and ischaemic colitis (discharged although could reoccur), IBS (medication). My last GP although very supportive has now retired and I have a new GP who obviously does not know to what extent my illness's affect my daily life, I have recently visited her but not sure she wanted to know about my past as she was not very supportive. Where does this leave me regarding any medical correspondence support when I do have to apply for PIP as I am entitled to?

ESA (Support group) and DLA 6 years 9 months ago #132813


It may be worth your having a look at your medical records as held by your GP Surgery this may provide additional reports and letters that you do not currently have, in particular your discharge letters from the various clinics that you have attended may make useful statements about your long term prognosis and the likelihood of recovery. See

Requesting your medical records

Charging for medical records

Whilst the general rule is newer is better than old, many claimants have been parked by the NHS as there is no more additional help that they can provide. In these circumstances you can still use "old" reports and letters, providing you can also show that your condition is not likely to improve or indeed that it will continue to decline.

Closer to the time, you can approach your new GP to see what assistance they would be willing to provide.

Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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