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Happy but confused

6 years 9 months ago - 6 years 9 months ago #143617 by julie haselwood
Happy but confused was created by julie haselwood
Thank you B@W just received brown envelope mobility put up to enhanced and care put down to standard but happy after stressful time.Two questions if members can help,answers on face to face report was not what was said if I apply for mandatory reconsideration at this stage could I lose it all or is that at the appeal stage only? Also I have a genetic condition for which there is no treatment my award is only for 1year greatfull but stressed to go through this once a year. Thank you once again.
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Many congratulations on your PIP Awards !! :cheer:

Thanks for the positive feedback regarding B&W ! :)

If your forum name is also your real name, you may wish to change it to maintain some anonymity.

This can be done quite easily by following the instructions on this FAQ :

My full name is showing, how can I stop it?

If you request an MR of your PIP Awards, both the Mobility and Daily Living awards will be looked at afresh.

Therefore, as a result of the MR, the awards could remain the same, be increased, be reduced, or taken away altogether without the DWP giving you any prior warning

Any decision as a result of an MR can be appealed to The Tribunal Service. (TS)

Once an appeal is with The TS, if they were considering reducing or taking away your PIP awards, they would first have to warn you of this and give you the opportunity to withdraw your appeal.

Any decision made as the result of an MR would exist until the date of a Tribunal decision, if you appealed the MR decision.

See : PIP MR/Appeals Guidance.

Mandatory Reconsiderations Explained


Disability Rights UK Factsheet - Appeals and Mandatory Reconsiderations.

If you are happy with the awards, I would not worry too much about the content of The PIP PA4 Medical Report not being totally accurate, they seldom are.

When your reassessment takes place, you will be assessed as how you are at that time, and you should approach that as if it was your first claim.

If you wish to request an MR, you can challenge the content of The PA4 by putting up counter arguments to statements made whilst cross-referencing to your medical evidence, but the important issue would be to reiterate how and why you should have scored what you consider to be the correct number of points under the relevant PIP Activity and appropriate Descriptor with respect to your limitations.

Only you can decide whether to request an MR or not !

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6 years 9 months ago #143638 by Bud
Replied by Bud on topic Happy but confused

I was diagnosed with something that I hadn't got. They also said that I was not seeking professional help for something else, I am, & I gave them proof of this. After discussions on here I decided to leave it as I got my award which I was very relieved to get after all the stress. I think they probably see so many people that they get mixed up, hence all the mistakes that they make. It's up to you what you do though, all the best.
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