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Brown Letter Day. 5 years 10 months ago #153112

Hi Everyone,

I had been claiming DLA for 5 years prior to applying for PIP. I was receiving high rate care and high rate mobility. I had previously been medically retired from my career.

I applied for PIP in December 2015 and live in an area covered by Capita. I had my F2F almost 3 weeks ago. The person that attended was a nurse and came across very well. They were polite, asked the questions in a straight forward manner and at no time did I feel as though I was either being tricked or led into saying something that was not right or could be ambiguous.

I was asked about what aids I use. I explained fully. I explained about my movement and what I was capable of.

The physical examination included a grip test, standing and then attempting to balance on either foot. I was told that I would not be required to walk. It was very evident that the nurse had fully read my supporting evidence and knew my capabilities.

When the nurse left I felt it had gone as well as expected. That said my mind was completely open having regard to having read about other peoples experiences.

Well today the letter arrived. I was awarded daily living component at the standard rate and mobility at the enhanced rate. My thoughts about the F2F were proved right.

For living I was awarded 8 points which I fell is fair having regard to the descriptors and how the system has changed sine DLA. For the mobility I was awarded 12 points. Again I consider this fair and just.

Yes, I could go for a MR in relation to the daily living and may stand a chance. Having weighed up the pros and cons ie having the payments stopped, possibly having the award reduced. Its a no brainer. I'm not greedy, its fair and I'm happy.

I should say that since completing the form I have worried everyday. My award if for 5 years with no mention of it being reviewed early, except for the standard we will contact you in 14 weeks before your award ends.

For all of you still going through this I wish you well, please try and stay positive.

I would like to thank this forum for without your help and guidance I would not be here. I cant see how people can claim successfully unless they have read the member only guides as it really is a minefield.

Thank you Mods and those that run the forum for your help and advice and all of you that contribute.

I wish you all well.



Brown Letter Day. 5 years 10 months ago #153132

Hi Countryman,

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience with the f2f and PIP award. I am very glad that you got an award that you are happy with. thanks also for your kind words about B+W :)
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