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PIP Success- but ATOS Assessor report incompetent

6 years 4 months ago #155619 by ela808
My PIP award was successful. I received enhanced rate for both daily living and mobility.
I am very relieved and am just recovering from a flare-up of my symptoms due to the extra

I am very grateful and wish to express my sincere thanks to the B&W website.

After I have fully recovered, I intend to share my story with other claimants and hopefully with some help contact the media etc to highlight what happens to many of us at these assessments.
I had requested a copy of my report shortly after my assessment interview and two weeks later received a phone call from the DWP decision maker. She informed me that unfortunately my report needed to be sent off to be varified, as there were several inconsistances and contradictions made by the atos assessor. She asked if I wanted the copy of my report before, or after the decision was made..... This worried me and I was unable to make a decision - my son then spoke to her and she informed him, that if I were to see a copy of the report, before the decision it could cause me distress.

I am glad I waited to see the report until after the decision was made and my application was successful. When I read yhe report I was in total shock.....The desicion maker disagreed with significant portions of the report by atos. It was full of lies and assumptions and was clearly not carried out by a professional, capable of assessing my heath condition.
Again, with help, I want to bring attention to this for future claimants and raise awareness.

Does B&W think it would be helpful for me to go ahead with this?

Thanks again B&W

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6 years 4 months ago #155647 by Gordon

Congratulations on the award.

I think that only you can decide whether to take the issues with the report further, You may find it stressful and you need to place your own health first, however, the system will only get better if we highlight the problems with it.


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