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ESA Tribunal Success 5 years 4 months ago #167784


After having an excellent result on my PIP claim,which was awarded for 6 years,just had my ESA Tribunal which was WON!I'd been on ESA for several years after being dismissed on health grounds from work,then happened to have a really awful Health Assessment,with an assessor who lied outright about the assessment...despicable.The Tribunal didn't take long to see that this was pretty obvious;and so I'm now going to be back on ESA in the Support Group.What a relief,after 6 months of what can only be described as a very horrible,anxious time.The Tribunal stated that it couldn't understand why the Health Assessor's evidence was in such contrast to medical evidence,and hinted that this seems par for the course recently.

My advice is to read carefully what is written on Benefits and Work,try and remain calm,and ,if you need to go to a Tribunal,write down clearly how your illness/issue or disability affects you...the Tribunal have to read through a lot of information,and if you can make it clearer for them,I think it really helps.It's been very helpful to have Benefits and Work for all the information and advice.

If you have to sign on and the Jobcentre people try to intimidate you,don't take any nonsense while you're waiting for your appeal.As far as I know you should also insist that it is a DEA who sees you.The DWP have customer standards,and staff should be reported if you think they're not treating you fairly.

Now hopefully I can do permitted work again,without worrying about having to say to the employer that I have to stop if ESA does.

Anyway,a good result,so many thanks and good luck.

ESA Tribunal Success 5 years 4 months ago #167800

That's great news Stuart! Thanks for letting us know, it gives our members a lot of hope when we see people eventually getting the decision they deserve :)
The following user(s) said Thank You: Stuart
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