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7 years 6 months ago #168254 by dazzlelight
PIP Success was created by dazzlelight
Hi I received the dreaded brown envelope, shoved it in a drawer and was too scared to open it for the past 10 days for fear of what it may say. Today I finally managed to work up the courage to open it, had a massive panic attack, dropped it, went back to reading it and discovered I’ve been awarded Enhanced rate for both Daily Living and Mobility. I still can’t believe it and am in absolute shock. Once I stop shaking it will sink in. Thank you for all of the helpful guides and support on the forum I would have been lost without it.

I have some long rambling questions:

It has been awarded till June 2020, and says they will contacts me after June 2019 to see if anything has changed. Does this mean they will contact me 6 month prior to June 2019 as they did with DLA or will they leave me in peace till after June 2019. Or can they still reassess me at any point during this time anyway?

For some of the activities I didn’t score as highly as I feel I should have. Eg I scored highly for physical things but hardly at all mental health wise (although I have mental health problems too). Obviously I’m delighted with my award, but I’m worried that this may count against me in future somehow? But as I’ve qualified for the highest PIP rates anyway is there any point in challenging this. Or should I just count myself lucky and let sleeping dogs lie etc.

On the award letter it states “How I made my decision: I looked at all the info available to me including the ‘How Your disability affects you form” Does this mean that the decision maker ignored my medical assessment and instead just based it on my form? Or is this just a standard blurb that’s on all the letters?

How do I get a copy of the PIP medical assessors report, I know I can get someone to call up for me but what is the actual report called they need to ask for (or could we write to them instead?). Similarly, I had to complete an ESA50 form earlier in the year. I didn’t have a medical for ESA but believe I’ve been placed in the Support Group again (the letter was a bit ambiguous but from info on this site I think it’s the standard letter of award), is there a similar report we can ask for based on the ESA form, or will there be nothing as I didn’t have a medical for ESA. Can they tell me how long I’ve been placed in the support group for. And can this all be done in the same call or would it be different departments for PIP and ESA?

Thanks again for your help. Once I stop shaking It will sink in :)

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7 years 6 months ago #168277 by Gordon
Replied by Gordon on topic PIP Success

That's brilliant news, well done.

Expect them to contact you in Jun 2019.

We have had other members contact us saying that even though they have received the highest award they still think that they should have scored more points, whether to pursue the matter further is your decision, my view is that this is about awards and not points, whether you score the 12 points needed for an Enhanced award or 32 points or more, you still get the same award. Missed points or the wrong points are something to worry about the next time you are assessed.

I would treat the DM's comment as standard text that they have included.

Call or write to the DWP office that deals with your PIP claim and ask for the assessment report, it's a PA4 if you had a face to face and a PA3 if you did not. For ESA it's an ESA85 for a face to face and an ESA85A if you did not, your ESA may be managed out of a difference office so check the letters you have received, it will definitely be different phone numbers.


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