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PIP reassessment 5 years 4 months ago #168327

My daughter who went to Tribunal last year and was successful had her reassessment approximately a month ago. She was automatically given a home visit and the visiting health professional was good but I don't think he grasped how depression and mental illness can affect daily living activities and managing Journeys etc, but other than that he was respectful and quite thorough.

I think both my daughter and I felt that the result was possibly going to be negative and not having enough points to qualify. Using this site I was able to have a back up plan if this was the case and reassure my daughter what we would do if this was the outcome.

She received a letter from the DWP asking her to contact them as she has not responded to their calls. I rang on her behalf saying that she never answers the phone unless she knows who is calling which was on her PIP assessment. I found the person on the other end very courteous and interested and then spoke to me about her needs increasing and she does qualify for a higher amount and has made the award for four years.

Couple of things

- I know it is difficult to go through the process but don't give up.

- Without this site I would not been able to support my daughter through it and importantly have the answers or what to do if this claim was unsuccessful

Thanks to everyone who run the site and the moderators for offering invaluable information on benefits for the disabled and the processes you need to follow in order to claim them. Thank you JP

PIP reassessment 5 years 4 months ago #168348

That's great news Michelle! Thanks for letting us know and for your kind words about B+W :)
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