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DLA to PIP success

7 years 9 months ago #170796 by Devonian
DLA to PIP success was created by Devonian
I was previously on DLA (HRM & MRC) indefinitely and have been for 15 years.

In July 2016 I received letter requesting me to apply for PIP. I phoned on 1st August and received PIP claim form on 8th August. I completed PIP claim form and returned it via tracking post on 11th August and form was received by DWP on 12th August. In my claim form I requested a home visit but I did not have a GP formal request for a home visit. However, I did send a great deal of medical evidence (Consultants’ reports, hospital reports, GP reports etc.) which would indicate serious mobility problems.

On 8th September I received appointment letter for a home assessment to be carried out on 20th September.

The female ATOS employee arrived on time on the date specified and confirmed she was a Registered Nurse. I ensured that I had copies of all the medical evidence that I had sent to the DWP and asked her if she had seen it all – she said she had seen all the documents. I also had my prescription drugs and aids out on display. I invited her to have a look around the house to see my other aids (e.g. grab rails in toilets and bathrooms) but she said there was no need for her to check them.

She was extremely professional throughout the assessment which took about 50 minutes. I was not asked to stand up or walk as medical evidence was quite specific in my mobility issues.

I engaged with her throughout and at the end of the assessment I asked her if she minded my going through the list of descriptors with her – she nodded at which time I brought out a print off of the B & W PIP self-assessment test. I had scored myself 16 points for care and 12 for mobility in the B & W test. We agreed on most points but she explained to me that I had scored myself too highly with therapy management timing and after her explanation I fully agreed with her. She then said I might score higher points under other descriptors but she could not confirm anything at that stage as it was the DWP that made the final decision. She then asked if I was on DLA and I gave her the DLA proof at which point she said that with my confirmed issues I could possibly be entitled to a higher rate for care but again she made a point of it was not her final decision but that of the DWP.

Today, 14th October, I received letter from DWP confirming that I have been awarded enhanced rate for both daily living needs and mobility. For the daily living needs I was awarded 17 points (I scored myself 16 points in B & W self-assessment) and for mobility I was awarded 12 points (I scored myself 12 points in B & W self-assessment). The award is for an ongoing period and they will look at it again after September 2026.

For those of you still going through the procedures please note that the medical evidence I used was many years old but as the diagnosis of my progressive problems were very clearly outlined by GP, 4 different Consultants as well as hospital tests they were obviously valid as was my current repeat prescription list. If people have a condition that is progressive, then it appears the age of the medical report does not really matter as long as you are able to marry up the diagnosis to the descriptors.

I waited 7 weeks from date of my phoning to claim PIP to get home assessment and then less than 4 weeks from date of assessment to receive details of award.

Although the task of completing PIP form was very tiring, I found the B & W help to be invaluable and if I might be able to help then it would be to confirm everything B & W has to say, especially to marry up your issues with the descriptors.

Will all concerned with B & W please accept my most sincere thanks – you all do a magnificent job.

Finally, although I am no fan of the DWP, I have to say that my own personal experience was one of receiving total professionalism from both the initial contact via phone and that of the ATOS Registered Nurse who did my assessment. In my opinion, based on my own experience, if anybody has issues that can be confirmed by medical diagnosis and which you can clearly marry up to the descriptors, then you should have no problems.
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7 years 9 months ago #170810 by slugsta
Replied by slugsta on topic DLA to PIP success
That's great news Devonian! Thanks for letting us know and for your kind words about B+W :)

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