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Thank you. Huge suprise 5 years 2 months ago #174041

Hello all I don't know if I'm doing this post correctly sorry if I've posted it to the wrong topic.

I would firstly like to say thank you to B&W .
Having been on Dla for the last 5 years I was invited to apply for pip. I downloaded the guides and carefully studied them. I soon came to the realisation that to stand a better chance of success there is a particular technique to filling in the forms and other evidence to include as a bundle. Well imagine my horror when two weeks after my assessment I received the assessor's report recommending the standard rate of care and high mobility. I was very disappointed as I felt sure I'd done enough to be awarded high rate for both components. Having spent so much energy preparing the detailed bundle I decided when they write with the formal decision that I was not going to ask for a mandatory reconsideration but rather accept the decision. I did however call the dwp to lodge an objection to a particular point that I strongly disagreed with. They told me that they had not yet looked at my claim but recorded my objection and told me that the decision makers would see it when reviewing my claim. I didn't think it would make any difference but at least i got it off my chest. Well two weeks went buy and I hadn't heard anything so I rang them to be told yes a decision had been made I had been awarded high rate care and high rate mobility ongoing with a review in ten years. I couldn't believe it. The assessor had recommended standard care only for 4 years. From reading through the forums I am aware that very rarely do the decision makers stray from the recommendation of the assessor so I am feeling very thankful right now and would like to use this to encourage others to persevere with their claim. Once again thank you to all a B&W I really would have not had a clue where to start without their help

Ps the assessor gave 10 points for daily living.

I felt that I was entitled to at least another 4 points as I need daily injections of insulin but because my hands shake I am unable to do this myself and someone else does this for me 4 times a day. The reports says I observed the claimant's right hand shaking but awarded me 0 points for the managing therapy. I lodged my strong objection to this particular points as he had himself said he observed my hand shaking. It looks like the decision maker agreed with me.
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Thank you. Huge suprise 5 years 2 months ago #174043

  • Gordon
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That's brilliant news. The DM's do tend to go with the assessor's recommendations but not always and it's possibly that your call made a difference.

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Thank you. Huge suprise 5 years 2 months ago #174064

Hello, many congrats!! Well done for fighting your corner!

Thank you. Huge suprise 5 years 2 months ago #174154

Well done on your award and length of time.
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