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Thank you 5 years 2 months ago #174163

I would just like to say a big thank you for the support that has been given to me. I know that I have not asked many questions, but what replies I have had have helped.
On a previous post I asked in week about the delay decision maker phoning me. Well today I got the brown envelope on opening it is have been awarded the enhanced rate for both daily living and mobility, and the decision maker agreed on what the health professional had written in her report and award me the same points.

There is one question I would like to ask thoughim. They say that my condition had to off got worse for 3 months which I know now why the decision maker asked me on phone the other day when did my condition get worse and we agreed on July. So my enhanced rate living allowance starts from October and so does my mobility. They are saying the they owe me money, the first amount is from October 15the to November 15th and the second amount is from September 21st to November 15th. But the mounts don't tally up with anything. She has also written that now that she has made her decision we may owe you some money and that I would get a letter regarding this.
Do you think that they have just backed something then going to sort the rest out soon, because when she phoned me the other day her decision was made within an hour.

Once again thank you b&w

Thank you 5 years 2 months ago #174222


If the amounts are not clear then all I can suggest is that you contact the DWP for a more detailed letter about what is covered from when to when.

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