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PIP Awards 5 years 1 day ago #179237

Dear Benefits and Work,

Following several years of worry over the DLA/PIP conversion and the last six months in a highly stressful state trying to collect 28 years of evidence since my injury received whilst on duty in the police, I have finally received the result of my submission and Face-to-Face interview.

The same rates in both Care and Mobility have been upheld; what a result! It still has not sunk in. I was expecting a mandatory fight and appeal.

I think that I have been reasonably lucky, I've been 'involved', even if on the periphery of voluntary health care processes for a number of years, that combined with previously having been a member of Benefits and Work I did understand the need for submitting as much as is reasonably possible, with keeping some in reserve for the Appeals process.

105 pages of evidence and 'extras'; compiling it all exhausted me, that and the stress meant that my pain levels and meds went through the roof! Now it is all over for the next five years:

Thank you Benefits and Work, your information and direction has been invaluable!

We shouldn't have to go through this horrendous process, it is NOT saving anyone any money. My situation, like many, was previously marked as 'Indefinite', my medical evidence clearly shows that no improvement is possible, and in my case the qualifying criteria was compatible across both DLA & PIP; but I guess I should be 'happy' with five years!

I have to say, despite all that I have heard; the DWP staff were extremely helpful and considerate, the ATOS medical representative was professional, very nice and understanding, making the process bearable.

Good luck everyone, listen to what these guys have to say and thank you, once again to them!

PIP Awards 4 years 11 months ago #179298

  • Gordon
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Very pleased for you, well done.

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