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Successful Mandatory Reconsideration 4 years 11 months ago #182703

A big thank you to all moderators of B&W for their guides.

Previously on DLA high rate mobility and low rate care indefinitely. I had my first PIP assessment mid-December I wasn’t notified that this appointment was cancelled despite ringing up to say I was running late. When I arrived, another appointment was made for the end of December, the second occasion the appointment was delayed by 45 minutes. The HP was quite rude and wouldn’t let me finish any of my sentences. The appointment lasted around 35 minutes, the HP took my walking stick and placed it by the door, when it was time to go the HP opened the door and said you can leave now but my stick was behind the door. I asked the HP to pass my stick so I could get up but the HP looked at me and smiled and eventually gave me my walking stick. I was notified around 4 weeks after the appointment date that I would be getting enhanced care and standard mobility even though the decision maker stated I had walking difficulties. But went on to say I could walk 20 to 50 metres and it was consistent with my medical records. I asked in my MR what medical records were they referring too, I sent in a report from a neurology consultant and one from the pain management clinic, both outlining that I could only walk up to 20 yards. My GP was on holiday at the time so I was unable to get a report. As the moderators, have clearly stated numerous times to claimants “SHOW HOW YOU MEET THE DISCRIPTORS”. I got a letter from my GP explaining how I met the 12-point descriptor for mobility. 2 weeks after I sent the GP’s letter in I received an award for enhanced on both for an ongoing period until 2026.

Thanks again.

Successful Mandatory Reconsideration 4 years 10 months ago #182723


Congratulations on the award and well done for fighting your corner.

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Successful Mandatory Reconsideration 4 years 10 months ago #182736

Well done so pleased, you have given hope to me as I am sending my mandatory off in the morning, hope I get the justice we deserve.
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Successful Mandatory Reconsideration 4 years 10 months ago #182876

Hi Vivien,
Thank you, I wish you all the very best on your MR. Keep fighting
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