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TOPIC: PIP Paper review.

PIP Paper review. 1 week 12 hours ago #213880

In the past have had PIP review on paper due to mental health, but this time it seems they want to send me to an interview. I spoke to IAS person on the phone and they asked me some questions and said they would put in a request for a paper based assessment. the things they asked were why can I not go to an assessment - health would worsen - how do I contact GP- letter and about online shopping.

They typed this into the computer and said I would need to wait and hear. What does this mean in practice, will they write to the GP? Do they phone them, write? Will it be granted? Any advice welcome.

They have previous report from GP saying no to a F2F, and previously commented themselves in the report it had obviously caused stress (home visit) so I was a bit surprised. Thanks.

PIP Paper review. 1 week 9 hours ago #213889


It's most likely that they will write to your GP but they can phone. It would be worth your warning your GP as I have seen members report that their GP refused to take a phone call as they did not who the assessor was.

I'm afraid I can't say whether a Paper Based Review will be done, it will depend on whether the assessor has sufficient information available to make a recommendation and if there is any accepted risk of harm to you.

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PIP Paper review. 6 days 15 hours ago #213932

Thanks. I'm a bit confused why they aren;t doing it on paper as it says in their assessment guidelines people with an additional support marker should be done on paper. for review. They also said in their time they did see me it had obviously caused distress despite being a hone visit and planned in advance.

They seem to be ignoring their own guidelines.

PIP Paper review. 6 days 10 hours ago #213943


I'm afraid that's the point, they are guidelines and not instructions and therefore subject to interpretation.

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PIP Paper review. 6 days 7 hours ago #213953

Just had a very nice email from the new MP in my area when i explained the situation, they are very sorry to hear they are renewing it yet again and possibly not on paper. and if can be of any help moving forward. She will get someone to get in touch with them. The previous MP did step in when DWP 'lost' Appeal papers in the past and that soon got them sorting it out. So maybe that is an idea. Not sure how much influence the MP can have though.
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