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TOPIC: Pip and Home Assessment

Pip and Home Assessment 2 months 6 days ago #214694

Hi Gordon

I need some advise or it might be just reassurance, and I am not sure if this should be made public as I don’t want to scare anybody.

I had my pip assessment last December and I had a home visit by a nurse, now I was one of the ones where the HP’s put down the opposite of what I said and told lies, but I did get enchanted care and motability so we left it as is this time round.

My problem is 2 weeks ago I had to get to the doctors as I haven’t been well and my GP needs to run extra checks with me, so as It’s holiday time I have to get myself to the doctors which we did tell them that sometimes I have to get out myself but the pain and tiredness from walking has its toll on me etc. That day I went I was on my own and who do you think I bumped into as I was hobbling out but the HP who came out and made lies about my conditions. I know they have to live somewhere but surely not that close, she was signing in to see a doctor herself so it wasn’t work related, this has sent me into a panic and I am not sure if she will recognise me, I did have my sunglasses on, but I now feel scared to go to my doctors on my own, I can’t use a wheelchair on my own so I was on my crutch, and my GP is needing to see me every 2 weeks and I don’t know how long this will go on for. I am worried and although I said sometimes I have to go to the GP on my own but it is hard work, will she will go back to DWP and I loose my car, I am probably over reacting. I also feel how could she do this to me and live so close to me.

I don’t want to worry other people but I would like your thoughts on this and is it right HP’s living so close to people they assess, surely they should be travelling from a different town in case of this.

Thank you and I hope you can advise me.


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Pip and Home Assessment 2 months 6 days ago #214710

  • Gordon
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Assessors see dozens of claimants a week so I would be very surprised if the recognised someone from seven months ago but even if they did, they have no involvement in your claim once the report is written, so I would not worry.


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Pip and Home Assessment 2 months 5 days ago #214752

Hi Gordon

Thank you for that reassurance, it had crossed my mind that the amount of people they see I bet they wouldn’t remember everybody, I just had that niggle at the back of my mind.

I will admit I was angry when I saw her, but I just carried on and hobbled past, when deep inside I would have loved to have shouted at her and asked her why she twisted what I had put down.

Thanks again for your help.

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