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TOPIC: First PIP Review

First PIP Review 1 week 1 day ago #216110

I have just received the PIP review form for submission by the end of the month. As a Type 1 Diabetic, with a number of the associated "complications", the only medical people I see on a regular basis are Podiatrists, who attend to a neuropathic ulcer..
I am asked to submit medical evidence with the form, but the evidence is merely typed up by the Podiatrist while I am at the Clinic, and having asked about obtaining this was told that the DWP should ask for this as it could be a breach of confidentiality. I note that I should tick the access request on p9 of the form to allow DWP to get more information.
As I rarely see my GP, being unable to travel the distance, would it be advisable to put down the Podiatry Clinic as a source of information, or should I put down my Surgery? Would the DWP actually bother to get further information actually relevant to my current state of health?
Your advice would be appreciated!



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First PIP Review 1 week 8 hours ago #216120

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The AR1 Review form is intended to be reviewed in conjunction with the claimants previous PIP2 and any evidence attached to it, so the need to send evidence with the new form is much reduced. In fact, unless there have been changes then sending new evidence with the AR1 may complicate your claim, especially if it is at odds with the information originally provided.

Medical contacts on a PIP claim are rarely contacted and are not always helpful when they are. There's no reason why you cannot include the information for both your GP and the Podiatrist.

Remember, although the form is shorter and ask for less detail you are still being assessed against the same criteria as before and "reliably" and "on the majority of days" still apply.

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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

First PIP Review 1 week 4 hours ago #216137

Thank you Gordon,
I have completed the form with the aid of my original PIP2 submission, and have followed your suggestion of adding my Podiatrist as an additional source of information.
As you say, the chances of DWP contacting either of these sources is low, but at least there is the record of my compliance with their requirements for this "paper exercise".
I will report back on the outcome, when they have responded.


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