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TOPIC: Face to Face Assessment Questions,

Face to Face Assessment Questions, 7 months 1 week ago #216154

or a Face to Face, with Independent Assessment Services (IAS)

For the claimant who is
*wheelchair bound/ paralysed,
*mentally is alert/ (can read, do sums etc)
* Alot of pain
* Fits occur, followed by falling

1) If you have a very good friend who assists you with your care needs,
- which is Not a carer, and Not a paid job!....(they do it as a favour)

then Does the assessor usually ask

1a) Ask for the details of this helper?

1b) their name and address?

1c) Are you legally obliged to give this out, or can you say due to data protection I don't want to?

2) If the claimant does no activities in the day, no gardening, no socialising, no TV,
and just stares at the wall due to depression,
Should they just say this ? or can this lose points in anyway?

3) Can the assessors encourage (and put in their report) that the claimant should just take pain killers!
as a solution to any pain, (which we all know have side effects)

or can the claimant argue that side effects can happen.

4) Due the seizures the claimant can fall from the wheelchair, on the floor and hurt themselves, can they assessor suggest in their report, "he should be strapped to the wheelchair" ?

5) Is there a legal argument to get out of that, being unsafe (eg, strapped could cause him to choke on food if eating at the time of seizure), and as is strapped, risk of suffocating?

6) Due the seizures the claimant can fall on the floor and hurt themselves, while asleep can they assessor suggest in their report, "he should be strapped to the bed" ?

7) On the questions:
**Communicating verbally..
**Engaging with other people face to face.

If you say due to side effects, feeling anxious and dizzy you don't feel like mixing/ or socializing,
then do they take this answer and give you high points on them questions?
or they can say, they spoke fine on the assessment, so they can socialise well
(assuming the answer questions thoroughly and speaks well on the assessment)

8) Sometimes IAS invite you for a 2nd face to face assessment after this first one, in which cases/circumstances would they invite you for a second on?

9a) Aids and Adaptations? - replacing a helper with aids and adaptions?
If your helper friend does things for your care needs, then can the assessor put on the report that you should use aids and adaptions for some of these duties (this NOT needed the need for the helper for them certain care needs)?

9b) any examples you can give?

10) After this Face to face assessment, (We know that the assessor does their report, and then gives it back to DWP who check evidence etc)

But How long can it take (as a range) for the DWP to give a decision
on what award you receive?

Min weeks - max weeks, as a range?


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Face to Face Assessment Questions, 7 months 1 week ago #216173


1. There's no requirement for you to provide any details of a carer, especially their personal details but if you receive help with the PIP activities then you do need to explain what this consists of if asked.

2. Yes, otherwise how are they going to know.

3. They will state their opinion which could be that the claimant would be better if they took their medication. If there are reasons why you do not do this then it should have been explained on your PIP2.

4. They could.

5. Depends on the person. For some it would be reasonable, for others, it would not.

6. They could but what does this have to do with the PIP activities?

7. If you say "don't feel like" then you are unlikely to score! PIP is about the things you cannot do, not the thing you don't do.

8. If the first assessment is completed successfully then there should be no requirement for a second one.

9. Yes, there is a list of aids deemed suitable for each activity in the PIP Claim guide.

10. Due to the Summer holidays, we would expect 2-6 weeks.

As a general comment, the assessor is going to say what they want in their report, you can influence that by what you have written on the PIP2 and what you say at the interview but realistically there is little that you can do to stop this.


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