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TOPIC: Please Help.

Please Help. 5 months 4 weeks ago #220126

Hi, In june this year i got married after being together for 25+ yrs & moved in with my now wife, id been on an esa work group for 20+yrs & was asked to go to a routine assesment in the July in which i notifed them of my change in maritial status, the outcome was a good one as i was moved into the support group which helped so much, after a few wks my money was not in my account & when i asked for the reason i was told it was because id not said about my change of addres & would need to fill out a form regarding my change in circumstances which asked about all my wifes incomings etc, my wife works part time only as she basically has to care for me, after wks passing without no money coming in for me & only my wifes wage & child support which is also far less than its meant to be according to the CAB, i finally receive a letter (5th Oct) from dwp saying im no longer getting ESA because of: A Change In Money Coming In. ????... My wife spoke to a CAB advisor who said that i should apply for PIP & so phoned & iv just now received the "How your disability affects you". Iv not yet called the ESA Dept questioning this letter/decision yet or to formally appeal(mandatory 1 mnth deadline) as im totally at a loss where to even start. Normal day to day living is hard enough for me to cope with due to my mental health aswel as phyisical mobility problems from having a DVT in both legs 10+yrs ago & having to be an out patient at the hospital Anticoagulant Clinic every 2-3 wks. Can anybody help Please.

Please Help. 5 months 3 weeks ago #220137


Welcome to the forum, you might want to have a look at the following FAQ which explains where everything is

Welcome to Benefits and Work

Do you know what type of ESA you are receiving? You say you have been on ESA for 20 years but ESA has only been available for 10 years so what did you receive before this.

It sounds as if you are receiving Income Related ESA, this will be affected by your wife's income and possibly the number of hours she works. I am guessing, without your providing more information, that her earnings are more than your ESA and that is why your payments have stopped but if she is working 24 or more hours a week then this would also stop your payments.

As to the PIP have a look at our PIP Claim guide on the following link.



Please Help. 5 months 3 weeks ago #220165

Thank you Gordon for the prompt reply. Im sorry if i wrote my question in the wrong part of the forum, im not to great when it comes to finding my way around forums or most things on the Web & only managed to finally find the site after being told about it when someone heard about how much stress the situation is having on me.
Anyway, iv been on benefits most/all of my life due to mental health issues & then later in life had physical problems in my legs due to having a DVT in both legs resulting in long term treatment at the local hospital Anticoagulant Clinic.
I was always on Income Support before getting put onto ESA in a WRAG although i never once had to attend any appointments to do with being in a WRAG or any other appointment as my JC Advisor knew my mental health issues & problems i have interacting with people so would just phone me a couple times per yr !! Dont know why they had just only now been moved to the ESA Support Group after so many yrs come to think of it....
You asked what type of ESA i was receiving before it stopped & i can only manage to work out by the letters sent is that it says as well as "The change in money coming in" it also states as iv not payed enough or been credited with enough N.I Contributions, so i presume i was getting Income related ESA.
Also my wife works less than 24hrs per wk. Iv not had a payement since the 22nd Sept 2018 now & the stress of it all is unbearable, i even have to get someone to post on the forum for me as im unable.
Thank you for your time & very grateful for any help.

Please Help. 5 months 3 weeks ago #220175


OK, you are receiving Income Related ESA, this means that it is affected by your wife working.

As a quick estimate I think you should be receiving about £175 per week in ESA, does your wife earn more than this? If she does then this will prevent payment of your ESA.

You can challenge the Decision to stop your ESA but the law is quite black and white in this situation, if she earns more than you would receive with your ESA then your ESA will be stopped.


Please Help. 5 months 2 weeks ago #220591

You said that on a rough basis i should be getting £175 pw ESA (support group) and if my wife was earning more than that then its rather a black and white decision for me not to be getting it which i now understand thank you but was just wondering if this sounds right to you before i mandatory appeal their décision.
I was getting only £127.15 pw :
Living Expenses - £73.10
Extra money for Disability Income Guarantee - £16.40
Extra money for being in Support Group - £37.65
Total - £127.15 per week.
The amount i was getting seems a lot less than i expected aswel as what you roughly estimated i was receiving and also my wife does earn less than what i was receiving

Please Help. 5 months 2 weeks ago #220595


The difference is that as a couple what is labelled as a Living Expenses goes up to about £114 and the Disability Income Guarantee goes up as well.

If she earns less than what you were receiving on ESA then your ESA should have remained in payment as I assume she is not working 24 hours or more a week. Do you have savings or assets now that are over £16,000? I would contact the DWP again to find out why your ESA has stopped.

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