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ESA 3 (IBR) 5 months 2 weeks ago #220947

I have recently rceived the ESA3QR(IBRD) form but I am a bit confused as to the wording on the front page, it says; Dont complete this form if during the whole time between 14/07/12 ......
Does this mean that if you had any of the 3 at any time even for a very short period that you are not entiled to any back pay that you should of recieved even up to the date that one of those may of applied. Eg if none applied until 2016, you would not get back the back pay that you should of been receiving up to 2016. Because if you had of been assessed correctly it would of been paid , so in 2016 the change would of been reported and any extra premiums would have stopped being paid.
So will they now look at the situation as it actually has happened or just at the present.
They shoukd consider the 4 years of hardship suffered during 2012 to 2016 which in fact affected my whole live as i should of been able to receive other help ie: housing payment help. Which would of helped massively to help recover from PTSD FIBROMYALGIA DEPRESSION ETC as would of been able to move away from the jouse in which i suffered a terrible break in and was attacked. I would of been able to move out of this house and recover but i was not able to cover the cost of the rent as i would not of received help with the rent because the DWP did NOT assess my situation correctly, i woild of received a small amout of IR ESA but the main point is i then would of received help with the rent.
If i could of moved years ago i truely belive i would not be as ill as i am today both mentaly and phsicaly.
Or does it mean that if one of the 3 applied for the whole of the time between 2012 and now and still does apply.
I had a phone call from the DWP to say that i must tick NO on all the financial questions,
If they decide to pay back pay will this affect my present CB ESA SG payment ?
I cant cope with this at the moment i am going though a paticular bad mental illness phase and am struggling to cope with day to day life.
Any advise is greatfully received
Thanks D

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ESA 3 (IBR) 5 months 2 weeks ago #220958


Forgive me but I have not seen one of these ESA3s so I don't know what it says on the front of yours.

Nothing that you do with this ESA3 will affect your ESA(CB) or your current award.


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