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ESA Support Group with zero points

5 years 7 months ago #222355 by CJD
I just thought I would post here as thanks to this website and knowledge I had going into my assessment - I was found to be continuing in the support group of ESA at least for another 18 months.

This was a weight off my mind as its very unsettling knowing how much money you have to rearrange and whether you may need go back in paid employment often at great stress and unrest for myself due to myself having schizophrenia.

I was very worried before hand even going into at best WRAG with proviso to prepare paid work once more.

On advice here I got a letter from my consultant psychiatrist which said I was not able to do full time paid work - I have had over 40 jobs over the years and in almost all had to give up due to my health becoming worse in each.

I had been stable for year or so - doing lots volunteering and keeping myself well in the best way for me.

AS ADVISED BY THIS FORUM _ I got my psychiatrist to write a letter for me saying I was doing well but if I was deemed able to do full time paid work - my health condition had the potential to become quickly unstable as I live on my own and in these circumstances I have often forgot meds which is dangerous for myself.

AS ADVISED BY THIS FORUM - Also I asked before hand for the assessment to be recorded and this was in the notes - and when I turned up on the day - they said the cassette machine was not working so I would be unable to have my assessment taped.

I then said is it ok to record it on my phone and they then said they needed discuss it with the assessor - anyhow ten minutes later and in time for my assessment the cassette machine was miraculously cured and I did indeed get my assessment recorded.

I did think this did actually benefit me in the way the assessment was done and I was able to get across how my condition affected myself at its worst.

Anyhow three weeks after assessment I got news being in Support Group.

I believe the two keys that stopped me from either being in WRAG group or on JSA were recording the assessment and getting medical backup also.

I actually scored zero points but my condition over ruled these figures which I for one was mightily relieved to receive this news.

Thank you Benefits and Work

I can relax a little again knowing I don't have to go through this circus for some time to come again. I have many other friends deteriorating because being in re assessment phases again and its a national disgrace - no doubt...

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5 years 7 months ago #222397 by Gordon
Replied by Gordon on topic ESA Support Group with zero points

Many congratulations on the continuing award, well done.



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