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TOPIC: GP's home assessment request ignored by ATOS

GP's home assessment request ignored by ATOS 1 week 15 hours ago #222630


I have been reading some of non member articles on here for a while now but never got around to successfully completing my PIP application even though I have ordered the forms several times over the last five years from the DWPS.

The sheer amount of stuff you've got to fill in has always scared the carp out of me and I've started but never finished due to CFS, crippling anxiety and chronic mental and physical health problems and just plain procrastination. Yes I know all my own fault really. I have chronic autoimmune disease and received Chemotherapy two years ago which left me with continuous and sometimes crippling joint pain.

I do get ESA and have been in the support group for some years now. I went to an assessment years ago was put in the wrong group and had to fight to get into the right group. These things petrify me but I have tried my hardest to make my appointments in the past but my Pyschiatrist has advised me not to and faxed them accordingly due to the distress it causes me.

This time I managed to get some support but still couldn't make my appointment when it came to the time. I went back to my GP to get more medical reports so I could make it to my second and final chance assessment this Saturday 8th December but he said I should have a home visit and his secretary faxed ATOS to request a home visit on the the grounds of "overwhelming psychological distress" and "that meetings in unfamiliar surroundings such as this" put me at "significant risk".

The GP's secretary faxed ATOS on 27th Nov 2018 but they only just texted this morning not to forget to go to my assessment on Saturday. I've been in total state of panic now for weeks, fatigued but no sleep, cant concentrate, just want to give up. Been taking my full dose of 240mg + pregablin etc, per day but still having panic attacks. On top of that my own gp has gone away on holiday and I cant find any support worker to accompany me on Saturday.

Any ideas please, what the heck do I do?

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GP's home assessment request ignored by ATOS 1 week 11 hours ago #222644


You can't leave it, you need to chase up ATOS to find out what is going on, they may not have received the letter, they may not have read it, until and unless the appointment is switched to a home assessment the current one will remain in their diary system.

As this appears to be your second appointment then you cannot move it again and if you fail to attend then your file will be returned to the DWP and it is likely that your PIP claim will be closed.

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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

GP's home assessment request ignored by ATOS 1 week 10 hours ago #222649

Hi Fearful
Phone ATOS & have a meltdown! Seriously your file should be marked Vulnerable & 'needing additional support to comply'. You can ask to speak to a psychiatric advisor.
If you can get someone to phone ATOS on your behalf tomorrow (support worker/MIND relative etc)to ask what further information they require, because an assessment would be life threatening to you & you would be completely unable to function/answer questions in such stressful circumstances. Ask if they have received the GP letter & why they cannot arrange a home assessment.
I suspect they have called you for a F2F without reading your form or evidence first. They are very unlikely to have contacted your psychiatrist or GP either.
They are unlikely to grant a home assessment if you have mentioned aggression or angry outbursts in your form. According to B&W only about 5% get a paper based assessment.
If you have to attend try to take someone with you, even if only to wait with you & help you afterwards.
Hope you get on alright.
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GP's home assessment request ignored by ATOS 6 days 16 hours ago #222687

Hi Terrified & Gordon,

Thank you for replying to my post. I really appreciate it.

The GP's secretary said the letter was done on 27.11.18 & faxed the same day. ATOS said they received it on 29.11.18. ATOS texted me on 06.12.18 telling me to attend on 08.12.18.
I managed to ring them and they said they would reschedule appointment on 27.12.18 but I should ring them back on 24.12.18 so they can consider the medical evidence.

I didn't really send any new evidence in with my ESA renewal form ESA50 other than recent prescription changes, older copies and a copy of a letter from a Consultant Haematologist confirming to GP he may put me on Eltrombopag tablets and a letter from Mental Health Unit confirming I attended group intervention recently for help with my diagnosis of EUPD.

I should really apply for PIP I know (and see it through to the end) but always feel so exhausted and overwhelmed when it comes to answering question and collating evidence and paperwork. :(

Anyway have to go now rest.....
The following user(s) said Thank You: Gordon

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