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TOPIC: ESA renewal & evidence

ESA renewal & evidence 1 year 1 month ago #223842

I've just received an ESA50 as my award is due for renewal in Feb. I got a paper-based decision last time, which was a really positive surprise. I have a combination of mental health issues and physical conditions, but get it under reg 35.

Since then, I've had my PIP reassessment and been awarded, but with fewer points than the time before. (They removed the 4 points I got for navigation, despite including evidence of my dyspraxia diagnosis, because I can drive to the shop a few miles away most days- the fact that I still get lost [even with a satnav] and have to turn around wasn't taken into consideration.)

I usually include my PIP assessment report in the ESA evidence, and vice-versa. Is it worth including it and pointing out all the errors and faulty assumptions the assessor made? I didn't challenge it because I didn't have the mental energy. The fact that I wrote thousands of words for my PIP form was also used against me in the decision-making so I don't want to give them more fuel for the fire. (My issues aren't with typing..)

I'm asking (physical) specialists I've recently seen for my medical evidence; given that FOI requests take at least a month is it better to say that's coming later and send it separately?

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ESA renewal & evidence 1 year 1 month ago #223861


I think you need to consider the good versus the bad in the report and decide whether to send it or not. I'm afraid your pointing out the problems with it is not going to help, it will be taken as written.


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