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TRAUMATIC APPEALS 8 years 7 months ago #18689

  • lisa auch
:( Hi - i just thought i would make a post
I attended my tribunal, to fight my case of how unwell i was nearly 1 year ago (my condition has also noticeably deteriorated)
I arrived with my husband - and was told that they were running an hour late (the afternoons are worst for me) my reaction was to just burst out crying - and say i just want to go home) Anyway the tribunal was going to be heard as the next case was postponed) by this time i was extrememly anxious and panicky -
MY ~WELFARE rights officer came to me 3 minutes before i went in and asked me 3 questions (in front of every one) this set me off again) my husband tactfully asked him to please keep his voice down and to respect my privacy (this appears to have been thrown out the window a long time ago)
SO as i slowly manage down the corrider to be met with a complete stranger (i still dont know his name - even though he sat beside me throughout the tribunal( he was from the Job Centre and we were informed unfortunately "thats not a good sign"??????
The tribunal on approach i got extrememly panicky and had to stop - but in my head i was determined that the shocking behaviour i had recieved was getting justice!
The tribunal listened as i stumbled my way though my defense (what use was the welfare rights worker he was reading the report as i spoke)
Now my complain is that when i applied for DLA and ESA i was told this was my right. - I had started new medication on the week i filled out the form - and by the time i went to the Medical - i had upped the dosage, i also have ashamedly admitted taking several Over The Counter Painkillers when in times of sever pain. (this is all documented in my GPS NOTES that i had given to the tribunal.
WHEN i attended the medical it was 1 week after o had just lost my father suddenly and also on the day of his funeral my younger brother suffered a fatal heart attack - it told the ATOS doctor this and do you know what he wrote

Client enjoys socialising with family and friends!

(this is what the local goverment are paying for!
has NO mental health issues -I had recieved a pshycological assessment - stating "SEVER DEPRESSIVE EPISODE" ( i honestly could not bite my fingernails)

Anyway - i was very fortunate to have a great KNOWLEDGABLE doctor on my panel - who was able to explain the "mind altering medication" i was on at the time of the Assessment.
(THIS ?IS ALL outwith my medical condition and physical disability!!!!) BUT THAT WOULD TAKE FOREVER)
The ATOS Medical Examiner managed to carry out his assessment in 27 minutes apparetnly have me mover 2 to a chair without assistance onto the couch to do leg raises bending and stretching - and then completed his form in a further 6 minutes after me leaving
I WON MY CASE - I should have come out of that a very happy lady - however i spent mearly 3 weeks in bed reverting back to the state i was in before (i amm trying to get better)

I am disgusted at this - i now have My ESA Appeal coming up and i am petrified as My poor mother (who is also still grieving and is helping to look after me - as just now i need a bit of help ) and will be attending with me - i dont want to go through all that again - but i know i must)

PS I want to complain but who will listen? x

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Re:TRAUMATIC APPEALS 8 years 7 months ago #18698

Hi Lisa,

It's hard to know how to respond to such an awful tale.

All I can do is wish you luck with your ESA appeal. As for complaining, wait until you know who your MP is going to be and then write or visit them in their constituency office and ask them to look into the matter for you.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

Re:TRAUMATIC APPEALS 8 years 7 months ago #18705

  • Marie72
I'm really sorry to hear about your awful treatment, I can only imagine how traumatic it was for you :(

I've just come back from my G.P a short while ago. I took a copy of my medical report from ATOS with me, carried out by the 'disability analysist' - whatever the hell that is. I showed her all the discrepancies on there. About having 'no hallucinations' while being on anti-psychotics prescribed by my G.P for hallucinations less than 4 weeks ago.....

She told me that I am not alone, she is swamped at the moment with patients coming to her for support letters and advice. Most are just totally perplexed how some 'registered nurse' or 'disability analysist' who has never seen you before, can make assumptions in 10 minutes on your health and then this report is believed over anything your own G.P who has known you for many years might say.

I mentioned the proposed revision for the WCA and how it was due to get even tougher. She is aware of this and is disgusted by it.

My own G.P said the DWP never contacted her at all regarding my claim to ask for any medical details.

She advised me to get writing the appeal letter as soon as possible and will thoroughly support any appeal needing to be made with a thorough medical history.

Good luck with your ESA appeal.


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Re:TRAUMATIC APPEALS 8 years 7 months ago #18707

Thoughts are with you Lisa

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Re:TRAUMATIC APPEALS 8 years 7 months ago #18714

  • kathy1
Hugs Lisa, sorry to hear of your disgraceful treatment, at least the tribunal Dr, seemed to understand.

Kathy x

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Re:TRAUMATIC APPEALS - 8 years 7 months ago #18726

  • lisa auch
Thanx to all of your kind thoughts (it appears to me now, its more a matter of justice) when i was working i was a Social Worker - and even then i was frustrated at the "system" Due to an accident i found myself losing my job through my "ongoing physical condition" -

I NEVER wanted to be unemployed - i never asked for this - however IT IS MY RIGHT to recieve what I am entitled too.

I have recieved a letter from the current MP who has written that my "case" will be passed over to whoever will be elected - I will see this through.....

I am glad that the "system" is apparently being "tightened" up - HOWEVER

Come on! i have had input from Specialists for over 4 years, and they were the ones to point out i was "Killing myself slowly - continuing to work", as written in one of my statments from my specialist
Does their opinion and expertise not count for anything

I am hopeful for my future and i would like to think i COULD contribute somehow -Perhaps i could work at the job center (dont get me wrong i have also come accross some VERY sympathetic and supportive members of staff who have even advised i take this to the PAPERS!- however just now i "have to concentrate on my re-habilitation" - and try to get to a better place where i can manage and work towards a better life for me and my family.

thank you for your kind words x

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