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TOPIC: ESA complaint

ESA complaint 8 years 5 months ago #57029

Today I have typed up for my son a 3 page complaint about ESA.
A year ago he returned home to live with us after the break up of his relationship and a breakdown. He was already on ESA.
After he returned home from living in a different area we were told they took his claim off the system and put him on clerical to sort his claim. Over a year later he is still on clerical. He has had loads of problems with his money going into the bank.So ofcourse because he is on clerical every time he rings up he has to wait 3 hours for someone to ring him back that is if they do.
As we know it costs to ring them and now it is getting more expensive as when you ring the lines are always jammed.
Since November he was entilted to an upgrade in his money as my husbands dla was upgraded. We are still on the old incap at the moment. Our money has been sorted with no problem.
The 1st form ESA lost. The 2nd they never dealt with and it took until February to start paying him and the backdate.
They then started paying him in installments what he was owed. 4 times in the last 4 m onths his money hasn't been in his account and he has had to ring in to be given some inept exscue as to why not.
The final straw was his money wasn't in his bank last Friday which was a bank holiday and he hadn't thought to check his account the day before so he had to wait to Tuesday to ring them.
It is now Thursday and they still haven't sorted it. The cost on our phone bill of 0845 no's in ridiculous.
He spent half of Tuesday trying to get through to them and when he was finally placed in a queue it took 35 mins for them to answer. He was basically fed on bull twice on Tuesday. Still no giro to replace and proberly another day on the phone tomorrow.
So complaint has been done and posted tomorrow.
The J.C who gave us the complaint form told him to ask for compensation for telephone calls and stress.
My son has mental health issues and 2 sucicde attempts in the past year. The last one resulted in him being diagnozed with bi-polar. At least we know what we are dealing with now re his health.
This has just about sent him further over the edge.
The very people who are suposed to support him aren't and he is being fed on bull and kept in the dark like a mushroom.
Well they upheld my complaint I had re grants a few months ago so they better do more than that where this is concerned.
Just needed to let off steam. Thanks for letting me do it

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