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ESA113 7 years 1 month ago #68734


i saw my gp & requested a copy of the ESA113 report he had 2 fill in before a decision could b made. he said it belonged 2 DWP & gave me a phone number 2 call. when i called they said it was Atos & that once the report was recieved it was forwarded on2 DWP & they didnt keep a copy. Rang DWP & was told that it would come as part of my previous request ESA65 & ESA85A. som1 said on here it would NOT come as part of thos documents so i called DWP again today & was told that it would b ordered seperately. Then i get a call from DWP 2 say that they didnt have the form, that Atos had it. when i explained that Atos said they had it she said she would have 2 email the DWP department that liased with Atos & they would get back 2 me. so i will kepp u all updated.

any1 else had problems getting a copy of the ESA113 report?

also they never requested a report from my psychiatrist so this may b grounds for an appeal i think? it was said on here "I advised that the "burden of proof" being on the DM. (DECISION MAKER)"
Therefore the DM should contact your G.P. or other HCP (HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL), to gain evidence before making a decision on your ESA award, the DM is obliged to do so.



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Re:ESA113 7 years 1 month ago #68743


The ESA113 is requested by the DWP Decision Maker after the return of your file from ATOS, the report would only be passed to ATOS if a medical opinion was required on what your GP had written, so in the vast majority of cases ATOS would not see an ESA113.


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