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A Big Thank You and Another BIg Thank You

11 years 1 month ago #105359 by Bijoux
This is my first post. I've been so busy using your resources, I haven't had time to read the Forum.

I had my ESA tribunal 28th May. I didn't find this site until the 29 April. I was in a total panic. I and have Chronic Kidney Disease stage 3B, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis and spondylitic spinal and joint degeneration, but because of the CKD I cannot take any anti inflammatory drugs, so I'm in constant pain and my condition is degenerating. The ESA decision to put me in WRAG was made in February '12 and I spent last year waiting for the Tribunal. I've been house bound since Christmas, in my upstairs flat, as my arthritis was so bad I could not manage the stairs as I could hardly walk. As demand for representation increased, I just couldn't find anyone to help me with the forthcoming 'T' who wold visit me at home. Once I could start to walk again in April, I found I couldn't get legal representation at all as legal aid had been cut, so I would have to represent myself.

I can honestly say using this site I sat in with my nose to my laptop and feel as if I've done a law degree in a month. I'm still pathologically exhausted by the exertion. Last year I bombarded the Tribunal with documents and now worked through the 80 pages, using your advice on the old rules, the decision to put me in WRAG. What were they expecting, I'm 60 and most of the time I can't get down the stairs!

I have to say, the Tribunal was bizzarre. There were 2 'judges' one of whom was a Dr. who behaved like a pitbull! I didn't manage to form one complete sentence from the beginning to the end of the session. They wanted one word answers. The Dr even shouted at me and openly implied I was presenting false information, so as they were taping the Tribunal, I took your point and asked for it to be noted I objected to being accused of presenting false information. I was so angry, I missed how embarrassed the senior 'judge' was by her colleagues behaviour. It was my friend and helper who picked up on that.

Anyhow, with your help, I not only got put in the Support group, it's backdated to Feb '12 and they have recommended I am not reassessed again. I can't tell you how relieved I am after filling in 3 ESA50s since August '11 and just informed me they are about to send me another one again! I'll tell you how much back payment I'll get once I know.

I also get DLA (lower care lower mobility) and have been repeatedly warned that to to ask for a review, I might lose it altogether. I was going to give myself a break for a couple of weeks, because, to be honest, the stress of the last few months has really taken it's toll before I looked at my DLA. But, yesterday I got the email from you warning about the end of DLA on 10th June and reading links from your site I realised the intention is to remove the lower care component of DLA from PIP. But as my need for assistance has increased considerably over the last 6 months and it's likely to be permanent, I realised I needed to get a review NOW. Thanks to your hands up, I phoned the today requesting a review and I'll get the forms in a week or so. Although tired, ill and really not inclined to do this, I know with your help I'll have access to the best advice possible to ensure success. I will let you know of either the result or my appeal. B)

But Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU BENEFITS AND WORK. You're life savers. I'll be recommending you to anyone who needs help applying for benefits. The best £20 I've ever spent.

I hope as time goes by you'll be including info on more benefits, including pensions and benefits for the elderly. £20 a year is nothing compared to the money you could lose out on. I consider paying this £20 a year as essential as paying for a TV licence.
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11 years 1 month ago #105363 by slugsta
Replied by slugsta on topic A Big Thank You and Another BIg Thank You
I am sorry that you were given a hard time by the tribunal panel but very glad that you got the award you deserve in the end.

Just to warn you that the recommendation about reassessment is not binding on the DWP. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they abide by it this time.

As to your last comment, I don't think there is any intention to provide guides for other benefits although that, of course, is a decision for the site owner alone.

Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

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