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Hi Everyone
We were awaiting a decision on my wife’s DLA renewal. Saturday morning the brown envelope came through the letterbox and as it was less than three weeks after sending the forms to them, we was sure it couldn't be good news but was pleasantly surprised. My wife’s DLA has been renewed at the same levels as previously, High Rate Mobility and Mid-Rate Care Indefinitely, I know indefinitely means nothing really but hopefully it will be a while before they send the papers for transfer to PIP.

We can’t understand with the things they agree my wife needs help with in the day, how they have reached the decision that the 2-3 hours a night where she needs help with just the same things, treatment, toilet needs etc does not qualify her for full rate care award, however we are just happy she has kept the allowance and that the stress is over for now, so won’t be asking them to look again at the decision.

We are over the moon that both ESA and DLA were awarded from the forms we completed using your guides and medical evidence we sent, with no need for FTF assessment or a medical. Once again thank you so much for this great site and the help and commitment that you all give. Good Luck to anyone else who is out their awaiting decisions. :woohoo:
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That is great news. Thanks for letting us know and for your kind words about this site :)

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