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Belated thanks to B&W 8 years 3 months ago #111278

Dear Benefits & Work,
(Should have posted this six weeks ago, but lack of internet access & general disorganisation prevented it.)
Thanks again to Benefits & Work.
ESA renewal was successful, and i continue to remain in support group.
Benefits & Work is easily the best one-stop resource for helping to make a successful claim.
The system is deliberately obtuse, and without B&W to help to shine some light on the actual mechanics of the process, it is quite likely that my initial claim & subsequent renewals would have been unsuccessful and then i would have been reduced to scrambling around the appeals process in a desperate effort to get benefit.
I would suggest to anybody reading this who is currently applying for ESA/renewing their claim to-
1. Try to read all of the material on this site relevant to your claim, and to consider it carefully.
2. Spend as much time as you can thinking about & then filling in your ESA50, and to submit additional info on sheets of paper appended to form if you feel you need to.
You can't always rely on your doctor to provide enough info - my regular doctor retired just before ESA113 was sent to the surgery, and it was filled in by a doc who has not actually seen me in the flesh before. An extremely brief effort, and not very helpful, i would have thought - i got to see it two weeks later - confirming my condition, but not describing the severity of it or providing any useful detail. When i saw it my immediate reaction was to think that i would be taken out of support group and put into wrag.
I can only suppose that it was all the detail i provided that made the difference. I did as suggested on this website, and it worked for me.
Many thanks again to Benefits & Work,

p.s. It took over three months from submitting ESA50 to recieving notification letter telling me i had been successful. I became very anxious waiting for it, particularly as previous renewals had been settled much more quickly and i thought it MUST BE A BAD OMEN that this one was taking so long. No, it probably just means there is a great stack of backlogged claims for the decision maker to work through, so DON'T WORRY UNECCESSARILY if your claim is taking forever. It doesn't mean that you have already failed.
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Belated thanks to B&W 8 years 3 months ago #111279

Hi Droopy, that is great news, thanks for letting us know! Thanks also for your kind words about this site and your tips for our members :)
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Belated thanks to B&W 8 years 2 months ago #112409

That's a great PS you wrote there, thinking about those others of us who are still waiting. It was just what I needed to see as it is a wee while since I sent of my ESA renewal form - thank you!
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