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2nd Revision, now in Support Group 8 years 2 months ago #112498

I sent my ESA50 off in the spring, ATOS 'interview' in May, decision - JSA, so I put in an appeal. Decision looked at again, still JSA. No points for anything.
When I sent the GL24 I told them not to contact me, and I would sent info when I had taken advice.
Thanks to B&W and helpful local CAB I managed to send the stuff off to the Tribunal, who sent me back a copy of the bundle of my appeal papers that went to DWP. (Already had DWP's papers)
Appeal had index, short main list of reasons with more detail in the main bit of report, quoted the ATOS HCP training manual, had brilliant letter from Doctor, medical retirement certificate from work, plus short info from internet on my conditions and referred to my previous IB interview, same me but description very different. PLUS the transcript of the CD they kindly recorded for me.

I say kindly as I spent over a fortnight slaving away to transcribe it as well as I could, knowing that some of the report from the HCP was different to my memory - I was correct.

I don't know how much difference it made or whether they decided I would take up too much time arguing, but a letter came today
They have looked at the facts and evidence used to make the decision when I put in the appeal and have changed it.
I'm in the Support Group!
No illusions, I'll probably get another form soon as I retire in 14 months time and they won't leave me that long!

Thank you Benefits and Work, The MODS who gave me advice and links to follow with more advice. You have kept me going.


Next stop - husbands ESA form sent in 2 months ago.
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2nd Revision, now in Support Group 8 years 2 months ago #112499

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Congratulations on getting the Decision overturned and thank you for your detailed post I am sure that the other members will find it useful.

You can contact the DWP office that dealt with your claim, either by phone or letter, and ask when you be re-assessed, at least that way you will know where you stand.

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