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TOPIC: Success - got PIP - OCD :)

Success - got PIP - OCD :) 1 year 8 months ago #189309

I originally got Daily Living with 12 points (although I think I should have scored more), but lost all Mobility.

I went to Tribunal on papers only, taking a risk at losing the Daily Living, should they look at that again.

Phew! took me 3 hours to pluck up courage to open the brown envelope. I have kept the Daily Living and Tribunal have awarded me the lower rate Mobility on grounds that I cannot plan a route. RESULT.

However, now award is only until December 2019. The original Decision said, "... for an ongoing period. We will not contact you until after October 2026." (10 years!) I have been advised to let it go at that or I may lose benefit if I contact them. So I will have to go through all this again in only 2 and a half years time! I have been ill with OCD for 30 years and am not likely to get better. I am 62 and will be of pension age in May 2020. I am worried the dates will clash with retirement age. When you are getting PIP, does it continue into retirement? Seeing as the award ends December 2019, if I don't secure PIP before May 2020 will I be able to claim it? Hope this makes sense!

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Success - got PIP - OCD :) 1 year 8 months ago #189333


Congratulations on the Mobility award, well done.

The award length is part of the Decision so I am afraid the Tribunal were entitled to change it.

You can continue to receive PIP after you are 65 (it's not State Retirement Age at the moment), providing you continue to meet the criteria, but be aware that the Mobility award that you take past the age of 65 will be the maximum award that you can receive after the age of 65, so if you continue with the Standard award that you now have, you can continue to receive this after the age of 65 but cannot receive an Enhanced award even if you show that you meet the requirements for one.


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Success - got PIP - OCD :) 1 year 8 months ago #189863

  • Cruella
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I got refused mobility but have OCD, I don t like to pry and ask you questions about yours, but I cannot help wondering whether OCD in the form of contamination fear as I have should have got me the mobility on the planning (following) route. Although I do not have problems intellectually, I cannot mentally get on a bus for example and go to an unfamiliar place, I am wondering if the constant intrusive OCD thoughts would mean cognitive disruption. I have never even tried to go somewhere unfamiliar on a bus for example because the psychological stress (that they do not count) stops me even getting on a bus. If you look at the site still and have time, I would appreciate your comments. Congrats for your award by the way:)

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Success - got PIP - OCD :) 1 year 7 months ago #190976

Thank you very much for your advice over the months Gordon. Well worth the £20. :) Cruella I will answer you later.

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Success - got PIP - OCD :) 1 year 7 months ago #190989

Hi Cruella, Sorry you didn’t get it. Maybe you can try again. My situation is this. I appealed with CAB’s help. CAB wanted to go for the 1e rule (10 points), but I thought that meant that you can’t ever get out, but I went along with them.

When I go out I encounter triggers along the way, which obviously cause psychological distress, but it’s not something that wears off after a short while and then I calm down. It has a knock on effect, which can mean I cannot achieve my task, cannot complete my journey successfully, have to throw away my clothes and shopping, spend hours afterwards washing myself and days afterwards cleaning the car inside and can be effected for months afterwards with rituals to get myself back to where I was. I said I need someone with me to look out for triggers, etc.

However, I didn’t get 1e. Instead I got ‘cannot plan journey’ (8 points). Like you, I have the intelligence to plan, but because of the OCD my friends go to specific places checking for triggers (obviously I cannot check them myself), so they help me plan. I take an unreasonable amount of time planning what I can, researching big time in all sorts of ways. Don’t ask! However because my triggers can appear anywhere and change by the minute my planning cannot be relied upon to guarantee a successful journey, familiar or unfamiliar.

They will just have to put the ‘psychological distress’ bit back in, because all mental health is psychological distress and it would be mental discrimination to disallow it.

Hope this helps you Cruella and I hope you get success if you try again.

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Success - got PIP - OCD :) 1 year 7 months ago #190990

Cruella, I am not sure how you would stand without knowing a little more detail and even then it may not be clear. It is very difficult to work out how to word the appeal. I rarely go on a bus due to feelings of contamination. I am not sure if not being able to use public transport is enough for them, but then what do I know. Do you have CAB near you?
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