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TOPIC: chuckd out off assesment

chuckd out off assesment 1 year 5 months ago #200649

hi all went for a medical assessment today the women was very obnoxious and judgemental and kept picking at what i was saying .as well as trying to tell me when i shaved last because of my hair line and that she doubts i would get withdrawal symptoms from the dosage of my meds .in turn this made me more anxious and then aggressive as she was just being really demeaning and treating me like a idiot .she was also very rude and in a rush .where do i stand with this it was a medical review for my current esa claim.i have had a very stressful day i also gave a letter stating that if my anxiety was to get bad then i can become verbally aggressive befor the med took place 20mins in and she canceled called g4s to escort me off the premises and told me there was no assessment why handing me back my new evidence to support my claim

chuckd out off assesment 1 year 5 months ago #200662


You have been classed as failing to participate in the assessment.

I have to admit I am unclear how the Assessment Provider will handle this.

Was this a first appointment or the second?

If it was the second, then they will return your file to the DWP, they may contact you about the failure to participate but I have to warn you, the most likely outcome is that your claim will be closed, although this will be an appealable Decision.

If it was a first appointment, then I think you should be offered a second one but it is possible that your file will be returned as above.


chuckd out off assesment 1 year 5 months ago #200675

ok thank you it was second appointment as the first one got rearranged .i have phoned the assessment advisory service to lodge a formal complaint about the nurse whom i only got her first name not second for some reason. i am waiting on a call from the department who deal with it .i have also got another appointment arranged for the end of the month as well as asking for it to be recorded for my record as well as for them i also ask them to not give me the same lady as there would be conflict of interest and its not very professional of them to treat others like this .will keep you updated and thanks again for your help gorden
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chuckd out off assesment 1 year 4 months ago #202539

UPDATE.....had another appointment booked long and behold a day before it got canceled due to them not having my file yet .

i said thank you for letting me know to the lady on the phone who then said your welcome we will contact you when we have it and to arrange another appointment .i said would that also be recorded as i asked on this one and she stated ther was no recording request on that oppiontment lucky they cancelled because that would of made me very very anxious and not want to be assessed .any way next day i received a letter stateing the received my formal compliant and they would contact me in 20days with the outcome .do you think they are deliberately trying to make me anxious to become aggressive etc...concerdering i sent an email 1st then a letter a week later same text just difrent formats and 20days later they ackolidge it and say ther contact me in another 20days.alltho it states the will reply in 2working days

think im getting the run around here

will keap you updated so stressful hope no one else has to go thru with it its a reassesment wca btw

chuckd out off assesment 1 year 4 months ago #202558


I assume this is for ESA, in which case Maximus should be able to record the assessment for you, however, if it is for PIP then you will need to provide the equipment yourself.


chuckd out off assesment 1 year 4 months ago #202574

yes gordon it is for ESA reassessment .just waiting on another appointment to be rearranged by them
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