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Re:SCARED OF LOOSING MY DLA 8 years 3 months ago #42205

  • realfaithuk
thanks jim for your post one this site i am sure your get many post comming to this site like me, done already what your post said and these cab and due to cuts in welfare adivce adivers to and not enough trianing in such complex cases like mine ,does make the servley diabled very much at risks to , as on the new members page, may take two yrs for dwp / dla changes to comein, but i only hope lady luck may be on my side, and i get all the medical op out the way and recover and then see aout support of others like me , hlepping each other in some way, looking at all areas as stocking up on tin food, and other sttuff , before these new changes hits me, like housing benift cuts, may mean trying to build contacts , to share costs of living and bills and as we all know this unjust uk system attacking the most in need, still like to here of other going though , parts, may be of what i am, worth trying to get facts to help each other on this forum ,

Re:SCARED OF LOOSING MY DLA 8 years 3 months ago #42256

yes this is very complex. i feel for you as you a=are on your own. luckily i have my daughter but it is very hard on her. i know what you mean with not taking things in i am the same and i cant remember say 5.10 mins ago. i had a lot of skills and trained hard for these but because of the health problems etc i have lost them and spelling can be hard as i am starting to forget how to spell things.

as the the mobility problems i was offered an operation and my back to create some space between L4 and L5 but with risks as i am om warfrain and bleeding out plus there was no chance of the op working as it could go i would be fine for good or fine for a while then the horid pain would come back or it would not work at all or the nerves would be damaged that i would be in my wheelchair all the time and have no control over my bodily functions at all,

so i was told the wheelchair would be the better way to go to slow the compression down and and "put off" as it were the op but at some point i may have to have it as i cant not stand long less then 2 mins if that and getting worse and if the pain gets so unbearable for me as they can not give me stronger pain killers as i drive so i am on co codamol the high strength. my daughter discribes my compression as putting your thumb and first index finger apart which would be what a normal person would have in their back as space and mine is half by bringing the thumb and finger in by half. i say its like being in a cage. so we have to fight to get what we need.
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