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Form Heading

Incapacity benefit claim feedback: I received an IB50 in November and solely used your guide books to complete the form. . .   I have just received a letter to say . . . I had scored the necessary points and my case would come up for normal review in 2012. I had to read the letter a few times for it to sink in as this was achieved without going for a medical or submitting a Med 4.

You can no longer make a new claim or a linked claim for incapacity benefit or income support as incapable of work. Most people now have to claim employment and support allowance (ESA) or universal credit instead.

 You can find out a lot more about making an effective ESA or UC claim here.

Completing the IB50 incapacity benefit questionnaire in as much detail as possible and enclosing supporting evidence can increase the chances of your being found incapable of work without having to have a medical. The Benefits and Work 40+ page guides to incapacity benefit claims on mental health and physical health grounds take you page by page through the questionnaire explaining what evidence you need to give in each box and giving sample answers.

Incapacity benefit  claim guide cover:  The Best possible Incapacity for Work Claims on Physical Health Grounds
We also explain the value of supporting evidence and how to obtain it.

Download sample pages from our guide to Incapacity Benefit Claims on Physical Health Grounds.

Download sample pages from our guide to Incapacity Benefit Claims on Mental Health Grounds.

The Med4

In most cases, when you fill in your first questionnaire, you will also be asked to get a certificate called a Med4 from your GP. Although it's only a very short certificate, what your GP writes on it can make an enormous difference to your incapacity benefit claim, including affecting whether you need to have a medical and whether you can be found exempt from the PCA.

Unfortunately, most doctors have never had so much as a days' training in completing sickness certificates. Our guides explain what the Med4 is for and what you need to discuss with the doctor before they complete it.

The IB113 form

Your GP may also be sent a form IB113 to complete if the DWP think you might be exempt from the PCA. We explain when this is likely to be sent and what your GP needs to know about from you before they complete it..

Find out more about how to improve your incapacity benefit claim by becoming a Benefits and Work member.

Members of Benefits and Work can download all our incapacity benefits claims resources.